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Reining in Disruptive Docs: Strategies to Manage Risk and Reduce Turnover

Disruptive physicians can create a negative work environment, endanger patient safety, and spur costly lawsuits. Learn from experts how to manage unruly docs for more efficiency.

New Radiology Standards to Reduce Costs, Increase Quality and Improve Outcomes

Join radiology experts as they examine how standards-based radiology can impact fiscal performance, patient satisfaction and physician referrals

Integrate HIEs into Physician and Staff Workflows for Better Outcomes

Learn how to successfully integrate HIE into existing organizational workflows using real-world examples and presenting best practices.

Develop an Innovative and Integrated Palliative Care Program

Join experts from Sutter Health and Saint Agnes Medical Center and learn new tools and strategies for developing a multidisciplinary palliative care program.

HealthLeaders Media Live from Parkview Health: The New Readmissions Plan

You can reduce preventable readmissions. Learn how Parkview Health succeeds through early action, best practices, and coordinated care.

Physician Compensation Under Population-Based Reimbursement

Summa Health and ECG Management Consultants reveal how to gain the tools you need to build a new compensation model for practicing medicine in the new era of healthcare.

Recruiting and Retaining the Right Physicians for the Post-Reform Era

Leaders from The Medicus Firm physician search consulting and Metro Health System share benchmark data and best practices to create the right fit for your organization when it comes to physician recruiting.

HealthLeaders Media LIVE from Heartland Health

Heartland Health leaders reveal how to achieve significant, sustainable cost savings by identifying value in best practices and the patient experience.

Optimize the Nurse Skill Set-Lower Labor Costs and Raise Quality

Join Glide Health Services, which operates one of the country's most innovative nurse managed clinics, and Huron Healthcare as they share the tools and implementation steps to manage nurse labor costs while still maintaining quality in the care continuum. As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services develop new programs and tools as a result of the Affordable Care Act healthcare providers need to focus on the care continuum model to ensure a smooth transition.

Building Clinical Integration:

Discover how a leading organization has developed a successful physician-led clinical integration model which minimizes waste, and drives clinical improvements.

Decoding Payer Contracting in a New Era of Population Health

For providers, population health management is the next step in healthcare reform, but to make that move providers must place greater emphasis on commercial payer contracts. Innovative healthcare organizations such as Iowa Health System and Bellin Health System are already getting these programs off the ground. Join these leading organizations as they share best practices and lessons learned when establishing population health programs and commercial payer contracts.

Baylor Health Care System: Cancer Service Line Leadership

HealthLeaders Media LIVE from Baylor Health Care System: Cancer Service Line Leadership Baylor Health Care leaders reveal how they have built a cutting-edge cancer care model that combines personalized guidance, tailored treatment, and opportunities to participate in clinical trials of new treatments.

Reboot for ICD-10: Training and Operational Readiness Checklist for 2013

Learn planning strategies and training solutions from coding experts at UnitedHealth Group and other organizations to assess your readiness, create a transition process, and to move toward compliance while meeting risk and cost constraints.

Kaiser Permanente's Model for "Total Health"

Join Kaiser Permanente leaders and learn how to successfully leverage information technology, social media, and community-based health programs to empower people to improve their own health. Get real-world solutions, interactive Q&A, and lessons learned, including how to: use web tools and social media to create effective linkages between physicians and members; create community outreach programs that raise awareness and impact people's health; and understand the higher role of HIT in coordinating care among a team of providers.

Managing Disruptive Docs in a New Era of Hospital-Physician Relations

Disruptive physicians do more than create a negative work environment; they endanger patient care and can spur costly lawsuits. Learn from top experts how to rein in unruly docs and create a healthier workplace.

Patient-Centered Quality

Sharp HealthCare leaders reveal the secrets that have enabled them to turn their patient-centered care initiative into a sustainable program that's ingrained in the culture, improves outcomes, and grows stronger over time. By combining their Sharp Experience performance improvement initiative with the Planetree Patient-Centered Care Model, they have built an organization of sustainable patient-centered excellence like no other.

Women's Health Service Line Leadership

Re-invent your women's health service line with strategies direct from experts at North Shore-LIJ Health System,the nation's second-largest non-profit secular healthcare system and founders of the Katz Institute for Women's Health, on how to position your women’s health programs to meet evolving physician and patient demands.

Physician-Hospital Alignment After the ACA Decision

A healthcare institution can only achieve long-term success if there is strategic alignment between the hospital and its physicians. That requires finding common ground and forging new relationships, whether through joint ventures, co-management, or full employment. But what forms of hospital/physician integration work best?

Excellence in Cardiac Care

A HealthLeaders Media case study and July 18 live + simulcast event featuring nationally ranked The Mount Sinai Hospital

Excellence in Cardiac Care: Elements of Success From The Mount Sinai Hospital

Live from host The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Balance the latest in advanced cardiovascular treatment with market growth to create your own high-volume, high-quality interventional cardiology program. The team at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York has reinvented one of the top cardiovascular enterprises in the country. Register now for this live, interactive event and gain cardiovascular strategies for your organization.

Prevent 30-Day Readmissions

Join HealthLeaders Media for readmissions approaches that work—from risk identification and communication, to developing reduction models, standardized care, and strategies for funding initiatives and patient engagement.

Medical Home: Prime Your Organization for Launch

Move beyond the buzz and learn from experts about the realities of assessing readiness and preparing for medical homes, including physician buy-in, transitioning, standardizing care regardless of payer restrictions, and reimbursement structure.

Tactics for Valuing Medical Practices: Buying, Selling and Mergers

With the increasing frequency of hospital-physician practice M&As, healthcare leaders on both sides need to understand what is entailed in evaluating a practice for sale or purchase, From administrative issues to physician compensation and cultural fit, negotiating requires hospital and physician leaders to respond to the key motivations and market realities that come with buying or selling a physician practice. Join HealthLeaders Media for 90 minutes of strategies and takeaways from experts on physician practice valuation. Our customizable webcast allows you to pre-submit questions to our speakers to help guide the discussion, and ensure you get the answers your organization needs.

Building ACO Foundations

Join HealthLeaders Media and internationally recognized Kaiser Permanente for Building ACO Foundations: Lessons From Kaiser Permanente’s Integrated Delivery Model. Use the foundations of team medicine, population health management, and actionable data to create your own vision of integration.

Four Steps to Lasting Clinical Excellence from Henry Ford Health System

Join HealthLeaders Media and nationally recognized Henry Ford Health System for Four Steps to Lasting Clinical Excellence: New fundamentals for patient safety, readmissions, integration, and process improvement.

Four Steps to Lasting Clinical Excellence from Henry Ford Health System

Join HealthLeaders Media and nationally recognized Henry Ford Health System for Four Steps to Lasting Clinical Excellence: New fundamentals for patient safety, readmissions, integration, and process improvement.

Lower Costs, Better Productivity in Your Emergency Department

Join us for proven ED cost-reduction strategies from three ED leaders.

Proven Hospital-Physician Alignment Incentives

Given an ever-shifting and acquisition-prone time in healthcare, the effectiveness of your physician-hospital alignment strategy has never been more vital. Guided by compliance rules and spurred by effective incentives, you can achieve alignment. Gain proven, measurable techniques to establish real value and fair compensation and build lasting loyalty. Join HealthLeaders Media to get strategies and solutions direct from three executives with alignment expertise.

Create Your High-Performance, Patient-Centered Emergency Dept

Proven Methods to Improve Patient Flow, Communication, and Physician Performance. A HealthLeaders Media case study and on-demand webcast featuring nationally recognized Cambridge Health Alliance.

How to create a commercial ACO: Early Adopters Answer Your Questions

Join HealthLeaders Media for 90 minutes of commercial ACO strategy and solutions direct from three top executives from both provider and payer realms.

Tackle Physician Turnover Costs, Rev Up Recruitment

Physician turnover can cause millions to walk out your front door. Losing just one physician can mean a $1 million hit to your budget, and most facilities have turnover rates that are much higher. Getting a handle on turnover and understanding the role recruitment plays in the retention process is crucial. Get strategies and techniques to improve your recruiting and reduce your turnover without breaking the bank. Our physician recruitment and retention experts from Indiana University Health and Trinity Mother Frances Health System will give you real examples of how their organizations are driving physician recruitment and retention. Join HealthLeaders Media for a 90-minute webcast and Q&A, featuring Brett Walker, Director of Physician & Provider Recruiting, at Indiana University Health, and J. Gregory Stovall, MD, senior VP of medical affairs for Trinity Mother Frances Health System, offering proven techniques and strategies to address your recruitment and retention challenges.

A Programmatic Approach to Cancer Care

Join host Banner MD Anderson, internationally renowned for its cancer treatment and research, for insights on time-tested and effective programs that integrate patient care, research, education, and prevention. Live on-site at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center with invited guest UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, join HealthLeaders Media for solutions, interactive Q&A, and lessons learned.

On-Call Compensation: Data-Driven Solutions

The financial, political, and emotional complexities of paying for call coverage can be enough to bring physicians and administrators alike to their knees. By engaging physicians in a data-driven approach to payment, hospitals can develop a workable solution to the call coverage conundrum that is sustainable for the long term. HealthLeaders Media presents a 90-minute webcast, including Q&A, featuring compensation experts from Children's Hospital of Orange County and ECG Management with strategies for affordable, sustainable call compensation.

The Business and Clinical Path to Medical Home

The vision for the patient-centered medical home is to create a guide that supports patients through the healthcare system. To reach that vision involves more than an enhanced version of primary care; it's about binding together the vital links between hospital and physician to deliver best outcomes for the patient.

Raise Revenue, Cut Costs in Your Joint Replacement Service Line

The world of joint replacement surgery is changing as fast as the rest of healthcare. With less-invasive techniques spreading, surgical volume, competition, and costs are on the rise, while compensation is falling. How do you survive in this environment? How do you become more efficient and effective, while meeting surgeon and patient expectations for outcomes? How do you make it all affordable? Listen to this 90-minute webcast with surgeons and service line leaders from Westchester Medical Center and VHA for successful strategies on navigating surgical efficiency and volume, alignment challenges, and competition.

Slash Your Readmission Rates

With 20% of Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries discharged from a hospital being readmitted within 30 days, two of the nation’s top healthcare facilities share strategies to help you reduce your readmission rates. With federal penalties on the horizon, readmission rates are about to become even more costly. Join us for a 60-minute audio conference with Baylor Heart and Vascular Center in Dallas, which boasts one of the lowest readmission rates nationwide (17.3%), and Our Lady of Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago, which cut its readmission rate from the nation’s second-highest (32.4%) to 15%.

Cultivating Physician-Hospital Alignment in the ACO Era

The physician-hospital relationship has always been important but with reform, fortifying these partnerships is now an imperative. Integration will be the key to success in the accountable care era, whether your organization develops an official ACO or not. To be successful, hospitals and health systems must develop strong relationships with employed and affiliated physicians.

Transform Your ED into a Profit Center

As the major source of admissions, your ED is poised to be a serious revenue driver, or drain. Get in-the-trenches management tools and techniques to grow your ED’s bottom line. Learn how Heartland Health revamped processes and increased revenue from $15 million to $33.5 million and turned its ED into a profit center.

Beyond Medicare Shared Savings: Effective ACO & Clinical Integration Strategies

Go beyond the ACO regs furor to uncover commercial and Medicare alternatives for your ACO strategy. Taking the time to evaluate your opportunities and position yourself appropriately will pay off for the next generation of clinical integration. Join HealthLeaders Media for this 90-minute Webcast, including Q&A, for a deep dive with leading experts savvy on the legal and business operation of ACOs in commercial markets and CMS programs other than Medicare Shared Savings.

Blueprint for an Integrated and Alignment-Driven Physician Compensation Plan

With the advent of the accountable care organization and reimbursement shifts from pay for performance to bundled payments, physician compensation plans must do more than ensure fair compensation for physicians. Effective compensation plans need to encourage and incentivize quality and foster strong physician alignment for hospitals and health systems to achieve core strategic goals.

Achieving Ambulatory Surgery Center Success in the Reform Era

Join HealthLeaders Media for this 90-minute Webcast, including Q&A, to learn how to increase the financial return of ASC operations from leaders with proven ambulatory care ROI. Reform, reimbursement, and reintegration--a triple threat to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) or new opportunities for ROI? Given the current uncertainty in the wake of healthcare reform, ASCs are facing new pressure for profitability where integration and partnerships have never been more needed.

Under IRS Scrutiny: Ensuring Compliant Hospital-Physician Compensation Plans

Effective governance and strong management are both necessary for the continued viability and competitive positioning of not-for-profit hospitals, especially given the uncertainty around healthcare reform and the changing healthcare environment, says Moody's Investors Service in a recently released report. In an era of greater transparency and financial scrutiny, there can be substantial community fallout and legal penalties (civil and criminal) if hospitals or physicians violate tax or compensation regulations. As hospitals and physician practices continue the trend of merging for survival, hospital-physician integration is of growing interest to the IRS and is increasingly subject to scrutiny from regulators. Additionally, the new Form 990 disclosure requirements related to highly paid officers or employees have created an easily accessible public format for viewing executive compensation. Fortunately, compensation pitfalls can be avoided with a solid governance approach to reviewing. Join HealthLeaders Media for this 60-minute audio conference, including Q&A, to get the analysis and strategies you need for current tax law requirements.

The Power of Primary Care in an Era of Change

The government is pushing for healthcare providers to assume more responsibility for managing the care continuum, which means primary care has never been more important to the system of care. Given the shortage of primary care physicians and the increasingly competitive physician market, you need both proven best-practice strategies and innovative new ideas to recruit, retain, and align your primary care physicians. Join HealthLeaders Media for this 90-minute Webcast, including Q&A, to learn how to develop primary care networks that improve outcomes and care coordination for your community.

Seamless Systems of Care: Better Alignment, Coordination, and Outcomes

Hear from organizations that are achieving the highest quality and most cost-effective outcomes through innovative systems of care.

Bringing the Digital Hospital to Life: Expert Advice and Real-world Lessons

Find out what it really takes to become a fully automated, paperless hospital during this webcast presented on January, 24, 2007. You will hear EMR stratgegies from an expert indursty analyst, as well as two case studies from hospitals who are far along in their IT adoption. Learn what challenges to expect, how to overcome them, and how to get buy-in from key staff members.


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