1 in 3 Healthcare Workers Skip Flu Shots

Despite efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and individual health systems and hospitals that employ them, a third of all healthcare workers avoid getting vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

3 comments on "1 in 3 Healthcare Workers Skip Flu Shots"
George Meredith MD (1/10/2013 at 10:13 AM)

Misplaced Priorities: Bird Flu vs. Smallpox: Why is the central government making such a fuss "about H3N2 Bird Influenza? And before that the H5N1Chicken Influenza? And before that the Duck Influenza A? Our government is telling us, if they don't immunize our people, we might have another 1918 type epidemic. Horse feathers! In 1918 we had no antibiotics to treat the secondary pneumonia and the bacterial pleural emphyema that were the real killers back then. Today we have readily available, effective antibiotics and the physicians and surgeons who know how to use them. This, rather than some government immunization program, is the reason 1918 has not, since, been repeated! I find it ironic that it was the central government's "expert" Dr Anthony Fauci who capitulated and disallowed patients and their personal physicians from being able to voluntarily immunize against smallpox. During the run up to the war against Iraq. The Central Government didn't want (the extremely low incidence of) smallpox adverse reactions to spoil our entry into the Iraq War! Except for the military, there's been no smallpox immunization program in the United States since 1972. For you see, it is the loss of the herd immunity to smallpox that has left us highly vulnerable to smallpox biological warfare. Attention! There is a distinct possibility that the Russians have sold weaponized smallpox to the Iranians. And in the event of an Iranian smallpox attack on our people, no Fauci crash smallpox immunization is going to save us. Why, Fauci and the government couldn't even supply the vaccine, in a timely manner, in the relatively innocuous Bird Flu and Swine Flu "epidemics.". If you want to do something for the this country, Dr. Fauci, pull your head out of the sand, and go back and undo the smallpox trap that you and the CDC's Dr. Julie Gerberding, unwittingly, set for the American people. It's for patients and their own physicians to decide re: smallpox vaccinations, carried out in a timely and orderly fashion. Listen! A biologic warfare smallpox attack on the American people, who are rapidly losing their herd immunity, is the real threat. Not the swine, chicken or duck flu. If you don't believe me just ask the American Indian who, unlike the Europeans, had no herd immunity to smallpox! George Meredith MD Virginia Beach
Wayne Poffenbarger (10/23/2012 at 10:33 AM)

Every year I hear the same old story of how effective and safe this vaccine is. Average effectiveness according to the CDC is 46%. So, you have a 54% chance of getting the flu with the shot. Safe? Ask the people within the last month coming down with fungal meningitis from steroid injections they were also told was perfectly safe. Of course, 23 of those people you can't tell...they died.
John (10/19/2012 at 3:15 PM)

This just makes me laugh. You state a number of deaths per year that even the CDC is backing away from because they do not ask hospitals for this information so have no clue as to how many die. How about the Mercury in the vacine. What about the other things that we are told this will help with and then find out it does not. It is a crap shoot if they even figure out which flu will be out for that year. Some times they guess wrong and the flu shot does nothing.


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