If Romney is GOP's Pick, Healthcare Recedes as Campaign Issue

Whether you love or hate healthcare reform, you should rest assured that the investments you're making on quality and care coordination are worthy ones, because when Republicans tell you the reform law be repealed, don't fall for it. I don't think they really believe it.

5 comments on "If Romney is GOP's Pick, Healthcare Recedes as Campaign Issue"
Mgreenwood (1/19/2012 at 6:53 PM)

First, Obama originally wanted to give us a choice between choosing to enroll in a system that was already in place, Medicare, or a private insurance company. I think each of us would pay an amount that was a percentage of our pay rather than the employer paying the $1200-1500 per month and the employee paying $535 a month plus any additional costs that arise if the insurance company decides to pay less than the medical provider charges. This plan was discouraged for the sake of the profitability of the insurance industry. If this matter goes to court, the court may have to address quite a few issues that are wrong with the current system like accepting varying payment amounts depending on who is paying. i.e. if I pay cash I must pay much more than the government or the insurance companies. Conflict of the implied work contract between employer and employee (and family) i.e. depending on the employer for more than payment for work. The Constitution wants the government to insure the welfare of the citizens. Healthcare is a social responsibility.i.e. can't take care of yourself if you need medical care. We need to copy the best system in the world. Simple.
Carol Eichstadt (1/18/2012 at 7:52 AM)

I agree with the former comment that the article is slanted towards Obama but my first thought after reading the title and first sentence is that this person is definately a democrat. I do agree with the writer to repeal Obama care is not realistic - too much money and time has been spent on several issues within the ACA. Employers as well as hospitals have been financially impacted by the changes. This is slowing down the economic recovery. I do agree that healthcare should be a right not a priveledge but Obama care does not provide that right to all Americans - only those that are poor. I am a nurse and cancer survivor who is over 60 and would like to retire but can not because I need health insurance. Nurses, in general, do not get health insurance with thier retirement package so I have to wait until I am 65 to retire. Obama care doesn't help me at all, in fact, Obama Care will penalize me if I retire before 65 because I would be mandated to buy (very costly) health insurance. Obama Care is more than a bad system it is not democratic it is socialistic. I do not believe a majority of Americans support Obama Care - actually I have not every spoken with anyone who supports Obama Care.
booch (1/17/2012 at 2:32 PM)

Hey, Al Neuman - your Obama hatred must be more out of control than usual - you actually missed a couple of Fox News talking points here. Of course you don't like REAL reporting, you guys never want to be confused by the facts.
bwarren (1/17/2012 at 9:55 AM)

Al - I think the author is referring to readers of HealthLeaders media, which is fair sampling of those intimately involved in healthcare and many of whom agree with his position here. Recall that the AMA and AHA both supported the reform act. Those who know it well will gladly tell you that it is not a government takeover or a monstrously unwieldy program. It sought to resolve the "coverage" issue and made only weak attempts at cost savings measures. These need to be expanded so that we address the core problem. Furthermore, the GOA has stated that it is not a huge job killer and will save us money in the long run. "Repeal it" is a nice partisan chant, but a more reasoned approach would be to look at as a first step toward real reform and now what are the next reasonable steps, including perhaps re-working parts of it.
Al Neuman (1/13/2012 at 6:40 PM)

This article unfortunately typifies how out of touch with mainstream American thinking many if not most media types have become. This whole thing reads like little more than thinly disguised campaign propaganda for Obama, who the majority of Americans now believe (check the polls!) is doing a bad job as President[INVALID]indeed many apolitical observers are beginning to agree that his is clearly a failed Presidency, and he may be the worst and most incompetent President overall in modern American history. While the writer quotes some vague statistics about how many "of you" supposedly favor some [INVALID]ed parts of Obamacare, every national poll in the last yr. has agreed that the majority of Americans would prefer not to have this monstrous new intrusive Federal bureaucracy put into place. One doesn't have to read too finely between the lines here to see how desperately the writer wants to support an increasingly unpopular Administration and indeed 1 which most Americans think just doesn't understand or represent their thinking and values. Not so subtle either is the mandatory pervasive Republican- bashing throughout this article, predictably now being aimed @ Romney since he's the front-runner. Frankly i've never voted for a Republican Presidential candidate in my life, but like most of my friends and associates, I now strongly believe we owe it to this country and the next generations to get this disaster out of the White House. Romney whatever this writer wants us to believe about his weaknesses, will be an infinitely more qualified experienced, and certainly "Presidential" leader than the weak Lefty in there (along with his fellow traveler advisers). Given Obama's relative lack of experience and qualifications for the job in the 1st place,along with his career way Left views and associations, none of his incompetent performance should really be surprising. The only mystery is why the "Fifth Estate" continues to try so desperately to prop up this failed Presidency and how much they've abdicated their traditional "watchdog" role over government by giving Obama a total pass on all the errors and bad judgments he's made, so clear to Americans outside the Press establishment. Never mind[INVALID]we all know why they so desperately cling to this guy no matter what.


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