The Case Against (and for) Donald Berwick

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' acting administrator Donald Berwick, MD, is widely regarded as the perfect pick to lead the agency. While he has the support of President Obama and  major medical industry groups, opposition to Berwick's appointment is growing louder.

7 comments on "The Case Against (and for) Donald Berwick"
Obamacare rationing (11/28/2011 at 1:09 PM)

"Berwick's record as a healthcare shepherd is unassailable." Should read: "Berwick's record as a healthcare shepherd fleecing the flock with his ideals about rationing is unassailable."
sheryl.oconnor (3/21/2011 at 5:10 PM)

Don Berwick, MD is who we need at the top of the CMS food chain. If I could vote, he would have mine hands down. He is an innovator who has done so much for quality in healthcare. Not voting him in would be a travesty and I would hope that President Obama would work this across the aisle with the Republicans. We will all lose if Congress doesn't vote Dr. Berwick into this position.
Michael Millenson (3/19/2011 at 11:47 AM)

The statement that 60 votes are needed to confirm is factually incorrect. A majority, 51 votes, is needed. But because the Republicans have threatened a filibuster [INVALID] and filibusters have become so easy, for both parties - 60 votes are needed to stop a filibuster. It's clear the votes are not there to do that, so the nomination is dead on arrival. The reporter and editors should know the rules of Congress. It's pretty easy.
tumtum (3/17/2011 at 2:36 PM)

During this phase patients need "their" advocate in charge of reform. We don't need an insurance person, or an administrator - we need a doctor - Like Dr. Berwick - making sure that "reform" does "no harm." Ranting and raving about mythical claims - "socialism" and "death panels" - is just a distraction. Medicare,Medicaid & the VA are all mini-examples of socialistic practices (not socialism, though) and death panels are now managed by insurers and Governor Brewer in AZ (denied a transplant for a Medicaid person - condemning him to die recently). Obama campaigned on reforming healthcare & elections have consequences. Instead of wasting energy and resources trying to roll-back what the majority voted for, we should all work to improve it - and make sure it is exactly what we want. As a patient, I can't think of someone better than a Doctor to lead us through this phase.
Robert Rucker (3/17/2011 at 10:06 AM)

The reason his critics think that "Berwick is a radical proponent of healthcare rationing,.....and the British system of healthcare" is because he has said so. And rationing results in "so-called 'death panels'"[INVALID]-government bureaucrats deciding if medical procedures are "worth it". If you are for single-payer government-run healthcare, then you are for Berwick[INVALID][INVALID]who wants to just have Medicare for all. Doctors would decide whether to take what the government pays, or deal in cash only[INVALID][INVALID]as long as the government allows it. That is why the Dems had to sneak him in. And that is why he is a coward who won't answer questions: He has to go, his disciples have to go, his appointers have to go, and PPACA has to be de-railed[INVALID][INVALID]so we can truly reform healthcare into what should be a transaction between a consumer and a provider. [INVALID]-Robert Rucker Nashville, TN
jcm (3/17/2011 at 9:29 AM)

Your commentary begins with an unsupported statement: "widely regarded as the perfect pick". If he were widely regarded there would be no controversy about his qualifications would there? He is "widely regarded as the perfect pick" by individuals with certain political leanings. Others are concerned with his socialist views of health care being a way to distribute wealth. That premise will define his solutions to all issues in health care which is flat out wrong. We do not need to socialize medicine in this country to improve the system. Those who feel we do are either those who feel they would be in power or those who are duped into believing quality of care would advance.
Edward Framer (3/16/2011 at 6:19 PM)

The Senate is really sick when it it refuses to confirm Donald Berwick, a man of quality, in his post. It appears that they are no longer interested in what is good for America, but only in what is good for their special interest groups and wallets. Donald Berwick has a very well deserved international reputation.


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