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Inside Cardiology's PCI Problem
Cheryl Clark, Senior Editor
Researchers find wide variation in the proportion of inappropriate percutaneous coronary intervention procedures in non-acute settings and estimate that nearly 12% should not have been performed, and the need for another 38% is undetermined. [Read More]
August 18, 2011
Editor's Picks

Nurse Education Key to Scope-of-Care Debate
How will America's healthcare system take care of 32 million more patients if there aren't enough doctors? Well, there are nurses, but they need different and more education, and the ability to practice to their full training and license. [Read More]

Environmental Staff Cuts Expose HAI Risk
Cuts to environmental services ? maids, janitors, and other cleaning staff ? may be leaving hospitals vulnerable to hospital-acquired infections. If so, leadership needs to see if these staff reductions are really a good idea, or a penny-wise, pound-foolish one. [Read More]

10 ACO Blunders You Can Avoid
For CMS administrator Don Berwick, it's white knuckle time on a number of fronts as the agency rolls out numerous reform rules to save money and improve care. But any entity considering becoming an accountable care organization should read this first, and prepare to avert 10 costly missteps. [Read More]

Price Gouging Spikes Drug Costs Up to 4500%, Purchasing Group Says
Premier Healthcare Alliance joined federal lawmakers in a scathing attack on the practice of some unscrupulous companies to buy life-saving injectables, mark them up as much as 4500%, and then watch patients and purchasers squirm and beg. As the saying goes, there ought to be a law. [Read More]

The New Patient Experience Imperative
Focusing on patient experience has always been the right thing to do. But new government regulations and payment models mean hospitals must do better, according to this new report from the HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Unit. [Read More]

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Top 10 Reasons For Pediatric Hospitalizations
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Selecting a Strategy to Stop HAI
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Foam Mattresses May Reduce Pressure Ulcers, Hospital Costs
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Nurse Education Key to Scope-of-Care Debate
There is tension between nursing leadership and some physician groups over the scope of what advanced practice nurses, including nurse practitioners, should be allowed to do. [Read More]


  Leaders Forum
Bring Your Strategy to Life: Implementation and Feedback Stages: In a robust healthcare system, strategy is executed from the ranks. Employees must understand what the corporate strategy is, why it is important, what their role is within it and how to make decisions in everyday activities that breathe life into the strategy. [Read More]
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ACO Appeal for Hospitals Needs a Boost
Stephen L. Mansfield, PhD., president and CEO of Methodist Health System in Dallas discusses what needs to happen to get hospitals excited about ACOs and what it will take to make ACOs sustainable.[Listen Now]