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Risk of Surgical Infection Rises with OR Noise Levels
Cheryl Clark, Senior Editor
Researchers find that changing team members during surgery, the presence of visitors in the operating room, and elevated decibel volumes are associated with higher rates of surgical site infection. [Read More]
June 23, 2011
Editor's Picks

CDC: Sepsis Cost $14.6B in 2008
Bloodstream infections related to hospitalizations doubled between 2000 and 2008, and like many other studies don't seem to show a link between how much money hospitals spend. Even if patients survive, declines in their health, in cognitive function, and in physical ability, are significant, and of course cost the healthcare system even more. [Read More]

Mortality Risk in STEMI Patients Linked to Slow Transfers
Hospitals that have fought a losing battle in their fight to establish paramedic transport networks for chest pain patients now have more ammunition. This report from Duke University found that only one in 10 patients who went to the "wrong" hospital was sent to another hospital within the recommended 30 minutes, translating to poorer recovery times and higher rates of mortality. [Read More]

Ending Kneejerk Responses to Medical Errors
Mistakes are a fact of life. When it comes to medical errors, a rush to judgment isn't the answer. A balanced response emphasizes individual and organizational accountability and strives to remove the emotional response that occurs whenever there is a medical error or a near miss. [Read More]

Legibility: 20 Years in the Making
Here's a favorite topic, illegible physician handwriting, and how the problem goes away with electronic records in hospitals and physician office practices. Beware, however, of the proverbial "cut, copy, and paste." [Read More]

Webcast: Cultivating Physician-Hospital Alignment in the ACO Era
Date: July 20, 2011
About: Integration will be the key to success in the accountable care era, whether your organization develops an official ACO or not. Organizations must develop strong relationships with employed and affiliated physicians. Join us to get alignment strategies to thrive in an increasingly integrated industry. [Read More]

Intelligence Report: Better Care and the Bottom Line
54% of leaders say that ACOs will be successful in coordinating care and driving down overall costs, according to this HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report. Get the free report with exclusive research and analysis. [Read More]

This Week's Headlines

The pain of wrong site surgery
The Washington Post, June 21, 2011

Many hospitals overuse double CT scans, data show
The Washington Post, June 20, 2011

MA finds new system not cutting health costs
The Boston Globe, June 23, 2011

Healthcare spending waste: The international edition
The Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2011


July 20: Webcast: Cultivating Physician-Hospital Alignment in the ACO Era

July 27: Webcast: Creating an ACO Marketing Language

August 16: Rounds: The Real Value of ACOs


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