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ACEP Chief Rails Against ED Diversions, Scheduling
Cheryl Clark, Senior Editor
Sandra Schneider, MD, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians and a working emergency department physician is passionate about the need for process changes in the ED "because I'm the one who has to watch patients die." [Read More]
June 16, 2011
Editor's Picks

Pronovost: Surveillance Bias Threatens Quality Payment Fairness
How we count infections is extremely variable from hospital to hospital, says the checklist pioneer from Johns Hopkins University in this co-authored commentary. In order for Medicare payment penalties for healthcare associated infections to be meted out fairly, there needs to be measurment standardization. [Read More]

NQF Adds 4 Serious Reportable Events, Updates 25
The National Quality Forum board has approved for endorsement a list of 29 serious reportable events including surgical and invasive procedures and radiologic, device, and care management events. The full list of events is subject to a public appeals process. [Read More]

ED Diversion Raises Heart Attack Mortality
Heart attack patients have a higher risk of dying within a year if the closest emergency department is on diversion as opposed to operating normally on the day they get sick, according to a Robert Wood Johnson-funded study. [Read More]

Sponges: Beyond Counting
Technology and checklists may play a role in eliminating retained surgical items, but appreciation of cognitive psychology can make a measureable difference. [Read More]

Webcast: Transform Your ED into a Profit Center
Date: June 23, 2011
About: Get in-the-trenches management tools and techniques to grow your ED's bottom line. Learn how Heartland Health revamped processes and increased revenue from $15 million to $33.5 million and turned its ED into a profit center with a 40% margin. [Read More]

Rounds: The Real Value of ACOs
Date: August 16, 2011
About: Attend on-site or participate via live webcast. Get accountable care strategies from ACO pioneers Norton Healthcare, Humana, and Palmetto Health—first movers who already have experienced the challenges of building a new framework for healthcare delivery. [Read More]

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June 23: Webcast: Transform Your ED into a Profit Center

July 20: Webcast: Cultivating Physician-Hospital Alignment in the ACO Era

August 16: Rounds: The Real Value of ACOs


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