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NQF Founder: Quality Measure Science Still 'Immature'
Cheryl Clark, Senior Editor
Kenneth Kizer, founder of the National Quality Forum, talks about how far quality measures have come over the last decade or so, and how far they have yet to go as value-based purchasing rules take effect and the pressure for better quality metrics ratchets up. [Read More]
May 5, 2011
Editor's Picks

Berwick Announces CMS Final VBP Rules
Game on. Starting July 1, hospitals begin their competition with each other to win back between 1% and 2% of their annual DRG reimbursements from Medicare. There were a few changes in the metrics; some were dropped because too many hospitals already topped out at 99%. But most of CMS' value-based purchasing rules remain as proposed. [Read More]

5 Ways to Energize Your Patient Experience Strategy
With more emphasis on what patients think about how their hospital care was delivered, hospitals should be thinking about tweaking their process of care to make their patients happy. Emergency room culture and throughput as well as cultural sensitivities are at the top of the list. [Read More]

3 Myths About Safe Injection Practices
The Colorado incident in which children were exposed to reused syringes — and a host of infectious diseases — shouldn't happen today. But it did, resulting in dozens of families receiving scary letters. According to the CDC and others, too many providers aren't adhering to universal precautions or lack a complete understanding of dangerous practices. [Read More]

5 Tech Tips to Boost ED Throughput
The Emergency Department is the gateway to the hospital, and an important first impression patients consider when rating their satisfaction. Our senior editor for technology, Gienna Shaw, says mobile and Internet technology can help a lot to speed communication. [Read More]

This Week's Headlines

Bedside Devices a 'Death Trap,' Says Advocacy Group
Cheryl Clark for HealthLeaders Media, May 5, 2011

High-profile doctor suspended by MD panel
The Chicago Tribune, May 5, 2011

Panel weighs delaying stage 2 of MU
Government Health IT, May 5, 2011


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Bring Your Strategy to Life: Implementation and Feedback Stages: In a robust healthcare system, strategy is executed from the ranks. Employees must understand what the corporate strategy is, why it is important, what their role is within it and how to make decisions in everyday activities that breathe life into the strategy. In other words: they need to know how to execute the strategy. But explaining a strategy is not easy. In part 2 of her two-part guest column, Gabrielle DeTora explains the structures needed to translate effective strategic imperatives to the rank-and-file. [Read More]
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Strategies to Manage ED Arrivals
Authors of the book, The Hospital Executive's Guide to Emergency Department Management, Kirk Jensen, MD, MBA and Daniel Kirkpatrick from BestPractices, an emergency medicine leadership and staffing practice in Fairfax, Va., discuss strategies hospitals can use to better monitor and manage patient arrivals in the emergency department.[Listen Now]