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Don't Forget Energy When Cutting Costs is a Priority
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Leadership

Cleveland Clinic's senior director of facilities shares strategies for trimming electricity costs, from lighting upgrades, to HVAC maintenance, to enlisting the support of senior leadership in delivering the energy conservation message.
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  April 8, 2011

Editor's Picks
Adverse Events in Hospitals Largely Undetected
Adverse events serious enough to harm patients are occurring in U.S. hospitals at least ten times more often than previously measured, according to a report released Thursday in the journal Health Affairs. Researchers went to three large hospitals in the U.S., all of which have well established patient safety detection systems already in place. The study team then tested a newer, more expensive, and extensive event system which detected 354 adverse events, while the AHRQ system found 35 and the voluntary method found only four. [Read More]
Texas Practice Finds Success with Capitation
After 25 years of capitation, one Texas physician practice has found that it can be the key to financial success, but only when structured just right. Unfortunately, the practice learned the hard way how important it is to do your homework before signing the agreement. [Read More]
3 Words Could Increase Drug Costs By $1.2B Annually
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has generated a lot of press lately and a lot of jokes with her proposal to require some of the state's Medicaid members pay an annual $50 fine for engaging in certain unhealthy behaviors like being obese and smoking. But we're being distracted from the bigger issues with healthcare costs by nickel-and-dime proposals like this. If every man, woman and child in Arizona's Medicaid program paid the fine the state's coffers would swell by $50 million, which is a drop in the state's annual $8.9 billion Medicaid budget. [Read More]
*NEW* Rounds: Patient-Centered Accountable Care
Patient-centered healthcare IS accountable care—accountable for quality, for value, and for patient satisfaction. Join us on April 27 live from Griffin Hospital and Planetree, recognized pioneers in patient-centered care, with more actionable strategies from invited thought leaders at Sharp Memorial and the Maine Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot. [Learn More]
Healthcare Leaders Reveal Uncertainties About Industry Direction
Dedication to mission is strong and getting stronger, but just how to accomplish that mission is less certain, according to results of the 2011 HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines
Health Care Innovation Zones: An ACO for AMCs?
Julie Schulz, MD, Consultant, Sg2, April 7, 2011
Wright Memorial Readies $30M MO Hospital
HealthLeaders Media, April 7, 2011
Medicare releases data on hospital errors
St. Louis Post Dispatch, April 7, 2011
Healthcare reform can't work without more docs
Fortune/CNN, April 7, 2011
Finishing the new $1B Johns Hopkins Hospital
The Baltimore Sun, April 7, 2011
Why the feds plan to fine poor performing hospitals
The Guardian, April 7, 2011
MN HMOs agree to give back excess 2011 profits
Bloomberg Businessweek/Associated Press, April 7, 2011
Sponsored Headlines from IBM
Case Study: Mayo Clinic helps radiologists pinpoint potential problems : Mayo Clinic transforms the way it processes and interprets medical imaging results to enable more accurate detection. Powerful algorithms pinpoint potential problem areas within medical images and flag them based on the probability of abnormality. This process transformation increases diagnostic sensitivity for detection of brain aneurysms through intelligent flagging of high-risk areas.

Case Study: University College London Hospitals: UCLH had to adhere to the 18wkRTT requirements stated by the U.K. government. The BPM based Patient Tracking System (PTS) enabled them to better manage their clinical pathways and resources and also help improve patient experience by reducing uncertainty in the scheduling of treatments.

Discover, Interact, and Optimize for Smarter Healthcare with BPM Powered by Smart SOA: This IBM® RedguideTM describes one of the most significant challenges in healthcare today: the need for healthcare providers to effect patient care positively and proactively in the face of increasing patient load and information overload. IBM WebSphere® business process management (BPM) powered by smart service-oriented architecture (SOA), or BPM powered by Smart SOA, has the potential to maintain the medical common body of knowledge. It also makes critical, current data available to practitioners in a manner that is consistent with the evidence-based, event-driven environment to which healthcare aspires. BPM powered by Smart SOA can also automate healthcare provider administrative and care delivery processes.


On demand: Rounds: Patient-Centered Accountable Care

On demand: Rounds: Neurological Service Line Growth: Telestroke & Brain Tumor Innovations


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Service Line Management
Hospitals Waking Up to Sleep Centers

Hospitals are awakening to a growing market for sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea linked to pulmonary conditions. And while CMS has reduced reimbursements for general sleep study programs, it has opened the door for funding for diagnosis of sleep apnea. [Read More]
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Hospital Construction Methods Lower Costs, Raise Benefits
Advances in design and construction methods such as integrated project delivery, information modeling, and tilt-up construction, are enabling many hospitals and health systems to deliver new high-quality facilities faster and at a lower cost. [Read More]
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Finding Gold in the Supply Chain
Listen to Philip Betbeze, HealthLeaders Media's senior leadership editor, talk with Deborah Roy of FTI Healthcare about the key variable in the success of any supply chain intiative: getting clinician cooperation.
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