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Hospital Financial Risk Assessment Tools Not Limited to ERM
Karen Minich-Pourshadi, Senior Editor

Healthcare leaders must know where all their financial risks lie, but assessing and managing that risk as the payment environment evolves is challenging. Enterprise risk management technology tools can help, but they aren't the only solution, says one expert. [Read More]
  March 21, 2011

Editor's Picks
Proposed Duty Hour Limits for Residents Met with Scrutiny
The decades long-debate over how long resident physicians should keep working per shift, and how much rest they need, continues. These are major questions being considered by medical directors of residency programs as new regulations come online in July. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is preparing to launch regulations on the number of consecutive hours resident should work. [Read More]
Know Your Readmission Risk Score
By targeting the 20% of patients who account for 51% of preventable readmissions, healthcare leaders can cut costs, improve outcomes, and avoid payer penalties. But how do you achieve such a reduction? What if there was a tool that could take into account various issues?such as lifestyle choices, severity of illness, diet, and family support factors?and spit out the likelihood that a patient would need readmission for his or her illness within 30 days? There is such a tool, at least for congestive heart failure, one of three disease states that will be subject to the penalties. [Read More]
Healthcare Leaders Reveal Uncertainties About Industry Direction
Dedication to mission is strong and getting stronger, but just how to accomplish that mission is less certain, according to results of the 2011 HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey. Find out what else healthcare leaders had to say about the future of healthcare. [Read More]
Rounds: Orthopedic Leadership Strategies: Engage, Measure, and Perform
Forward-thinking orthopedic leaders are ensuring high performance and coordination among a carefully constructed caregiver team. Those leaders are also exploring the right metrics to know whether the outcomes they are tracking are the most meaningful to patients. Join the executive and clinical leadership team from nationally renowned MemorialCare Health System and orthopedic innovator Marshall Steele, MD, on March 29 for a three-hour dive into essential orthopedic leadership strategy. [Read More]
Webcast: Boost Market Share with Your Oncology Services
Given the growing trend toward all-inclusive cancer centers, do you know how to differentiate your own oncology services to protect and grow your market share? Your oncology care is distinct. Its marketing should be, too. Join HealthLeaders Media on March 31 for this 90-minute Webcast, including Q&A and a case study, for valuable lessons from marketing leaders. [Read More]
Finance Forum
5 Ways to Maximize Profitability in Contract Negotiations
When providers are armed with the right information and resources, they can turn the negotiations around to capture all revenue rightly owed to them by payer organizations. Modeling technology, training investments, and financial forecasting are make-or-break process points to consider.

[Read More]
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Case Study: Mayo Clinic helps radiologists pinpoint potential problems : Mayo Clinic transforms the way it processes and interprets medical imaging results to enable more accurate detection. Powerful algorithms pinpoint potential problem areas within medical images and flag them based on the probability of abnormality. This process transformation increases diagnostic sensitivity for detection of brain aneurysms through intelligent flagging of high-risk areas.

Case Study: University College London Hospitals: UCLH had to adhere to the 18wkRTT requirements stated by the U.K. government. The BPM based Patient Tracking System (PTS) enabled them to better manage their clinical pathways and resources and also help improve patient experience by reducing uncertainty in the scheduling of treatments.

Discover, Interact, and Optimize for Smarter Healthcare with BPM Powered by Smart SOA: This IBM® RedguideTM describes one of the most significant challenges in healthcare today: the need for healthcare providers to effect patient care positively and proactively in the face of increasing patient load and information overload. IBM WebSphere® business process management (BPM) powered by smart service-oriented architecture (SOA), or BPM powered by Smart SOA, has the potential to maintain the medical common body of knowledge. It also makes critical, current data available to practitioners in a manner that is consistent with the evidence-based, event-driven environment to which healthcare aspires. BPM powered by Smart SOA can also automate healthcare provider administrative and care delivery processes.
Finance Headlines
SEIU injecting labor issues into hospital sale talks
The Times Tribune, March 21, 2011
Medicaid Enrollment to Outpace Primary Care Providers
HealthLeaders Media, March 18, 2011
U.S. Healthcare Costs Accelerate Slightly
HealthLeaders Media, March 18, 2011
Immune to cuts: Lofty salaries at hospitals
The New York Times, March 16, 2011
Costs, training top hospital EHR concerns
InformationWeek, March 16, 2011
5 Ways to Maximize Profitability in Contract Negotiations
HealthLeaders Media, March 16, 2011
10 Healthcare Reform Market Changes Affecting Physicians
HealthLeaders Media, March 16, 2011
Rounds: Orthopedic Leadership Strategies: Engage, Measure, and Perform
March 29, 2011
Webcast: Boost Market Share with Your Oncology Services
March 31, 2011
Patient-Centered Accountable Care
April 27, 2011
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Reform Sharpens Focus on Quality Outcomes
The ability to achieve and demonstrate quality outcomes is becoming increasingly important. [Read More]

Deep Insight:

Service Line Management
Hospitals Waking Up to Sleep Centers
Hospitals are awakening to a growing market for sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea linked to pulmonary conditions. And while CMS has reduced reimbursements for general sleep study programs, it has opened the door for funding for diagnosis of sleep apnea. [Read More]
Money Talk

Who's Up and Who's Down?

Sheridan Healthcare, Sunrise, FL
Rating: B
Outlook: Positive
Affected Debt: $160 million
Agency: Standard & Poor's Ratings Services
Remarks: Physician outsourcing provider Sheridan Healthcare Inc. will be using funds from a proposed $160 million incremental term loan B to fund acquisitions. S&P affirmed a B corporate credit and existing issue-level ratings. The outlook was revised to positive from stable, reflecting the company's more disciplined financial policy.
Audio Feature

Diana Petitti: Taking an Evidence-Based Approach to Public Health:
Diana Petitti is a strong proponent that the healthcare industry needs to constantly reevaluate its practices and treatments in light of new evidence. But changing the status quo is often easier said than done, she has learned firsthand. [Listen Now]
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