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Bleeder to Feeder: How an ED Turned Its Business Around
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Leadership

The challenges at one Texas hospital's emergency department were numerous, but they all boiled down to a left-without-being-seen rate of 8-10%. Here's how hospital leaders re-engineered the department and its processes and stopped seeing business walk out the door.
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  March 11, 2011

Editor's Picks
AHA: Hospital Pricing Variations Unrelated to M&A Activity
The American Hospital Association has issued a second report to counter claims that acute care prices are rising as a direct result of hospital consolidations, which enhance providers' bargaining clout with payers. Rather, the AHA says, hospital prices "are directly related to the costs of providing services to patients and their communities, including wages, capital investment, and the level and specialization of services." Don't know if I completely buy it. More likely, it's a combination of both trends. [Read More]
HIEs: Still More Questions than Answers
Last week the Department of Health and Human Services doled out more than $240 million in grants to seven "early innovator" states with the intent of helping them implement the IT infrastructure required to support health insurance exchanges. It's one of the first wide-scale signs of progress toward a critical healthcare reform feature that will guide how consumers will purchase health insurance that's not supplied as part of an employer benefits package. But the agency's action also highlights lingering questions dominated by the fact that while states are largely on their own to determine what the final product will look like when they are up and running by 2014, they still must conform with overarching principles established by the law. [Read More]
Following health law, patients request OTC prescriptions
One of the provisions in the health reform says people who want a tax break to buy over-the-counter items with flexible-spending accounts need to get a prescription first. Guess what, they're doing it, adding a significant burden to doctors from a provision that couldn't have been anything more than an attempt to limit the usefulness of tax-advantaged flexible spending accounts, which Democrats have historically opposed. Bravo legislators. Who was the genius who planted this nugget? [Read More]
Healthcare Leaders Reveal Uncertainties About Industry Direction
Dedication to mission is strong and getting stronger, but just how to accomplish that mission is less certain, according to results of the 2011 HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey. [Read More]
Webcast: Boost Market Share with Your Oncology Services
Given the growing trend toward all-inclusive cancer centers, do you know how to differentiate your own oncology services to protect and grow your market share? Your oncology care is distinct. Its marketing should be, too. Join HealthLeaders Media on March 31 for this 90-minute Webcast, including Q&A and a case study, for valuable lessons from marketing leaders. [Learn More]
Rounds: Orthopedic Leadership Strategies: Engage, Measure, and Perform
Forward-thinking orthopedic leaders are ensuring high performance and coordination among a carefully constructed caregiver team. Those leaders are also exploring the right metrics to know whether the outcomes they are tracking are the most meaningful to patients. Join the executive and clinical leadership team from nationally renowned MemorialCare Health System and orthopedic innovator Marshall Steele, MD, on March 29 for a three-hour dive into essential orthopedic leadership strategy. [Learn More]
This Week's Headlines
6 Health Plans Jointly Fund $1.5M Patient-Centered Medical Home Program
HealthLeaders Media, March 10, 2011
Sebelius: Defunding healthcare law would cripple Medicare
Talking Points Memo, March 10, 2011
Miami-Dade might not get anything for Jackson Health, expert says
Miami Herald, March 10, 2011
2 more MA health plan boards rethink pay
The Boston Globe, March 10, 2011
Genetic research advance yields new lupus treatment
The Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2011
Adventist won't appeal Bert Fish Medical Center ruling
The Daytona Beach News-Journal, March 10, 2011
1 in 3 Trauma Patients Discharged to Nursing Homes Die Within Three Years
HealthLeaders Media, March 9, 2011
Will healthcare law raise states' Medicaid costs?
McClatchy Newspapers, March 9, 2011
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Case Study: University College London Hospitals: UCLH had to adhere to the 18wkRTT requirements stated by the U.K. government. The BPM based Patient Tracking System (PTS) enabled them to better manage their clinical pathways and resources and also help improve patient experience by reducing uncertainty in the scheduling of treatments.

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March 29: Rounds: Orthopedic Leadership Strategies: Engage, Measure, and Perform

March 31: Boost Market Share with Your Oncology Services

On demand: Cardiac Care Leadership for Improved Alignment and Outcomes

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