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How Grumpy Patients Can Cost Hospitals Big Bucks
Cheryl Clark, Senior Editor
Patient experience is subjective, but survey data may show that patients from certain regions are easier to please than others. This matters because under proposed federal regulations, 30% of a hospital's value-based purchasing score will be weighted on patient experience scores.[Read More]
January 20, 2011
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Patient Experience Scores Skew by Region, Providers Say
A federal proposal to base 30% of hospital "incentive" payments on patient experience scores is receiving strong resistance from providers, who say that patients in some parts of the country are harder to please than others. [Read More]

HHS: Repeal of Reform Threatens Those with Pre-Existing Conditions
Naturally, the Obama Administration is pulling out all stops to prevent repeal of its reform package that would do so much for so many. Anyone who has experienced a denial of health coverage because of a pre-existing condition would lose the new law's protections if current legislation is repealed. [Read More]

Guidant Fined $296M for Failure to Report Defibrillator Defects
Short-circuiting failures in three models of the company's Cardioverter Defibrillator threatened patient safety and U.S. officials took heavy action. To tell the FDA that improvements were necessary for improvement, thereby hiding defects, meant that physicians continued to implant defective units in patients. [Read More]

UMC Tucson Fires 3 for Privacy Breaches
Here are three more examples of how snooping into celebrity medical records must stop. Curiosity kills the cat, or in this case, gets the practitioner fired.[Read More]

Webcast: Proven Strategies to Market Women's Services
Women are a vital audience to reach—is your marketing cutting it? As the primary healthcare decision-makers and the key to unlocking additional service audiences, you need up-to-date, effective marketing strategies to win women's loyalty—thus, business—and expand your market share. Join HealthLeaders Media on January 31, at 1 p.m. (EST) for this 90-minute Webcast, including Q&A, and learn from women's health marketing experts. [Read More]

Intelligence Report: E-Health Systems: Opportunities and Obstacles
In this HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report, 90% of healthcare leaders say they'll achieve meaningful use from the governmental push for electronic health systems by 2016. And 89% of leaders say that e-health systems will improve quality of care industrywide within 10 years. But in the meantime, leaders' assessments of the cost, functionality, and other aspects of the technology is mixed.[Read More]
This Week's Headlines
Vulnerable patients may lack access to trauma care
Chicago Tribune/Reuters Health, January 20, 2011

Hard part begins for GOP: Replacing healthcare law
McClatchy Newspapers, January 20, 2011
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