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Big Business: Healthcare's a Gold Mine
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Leadership

Wall Street sees huge profit potential in healthcare, which lags behind other industries in rooting out inefficiency and waste. Technology could make a greater impact on efficiency in healthcare than any other industry it's tackled in a generation, and that's the big draw.
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  January 14, 2011

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Healthcare Data Worth its Weight in Gold
For all the badmouthing of health insurers, one thing they deserve credit for is their ongoing attempts to lower medical expenditures. Over the years, health plans have tried a number of medical expense-lowering tactics, such as heavy-handed preauthorization and utilization guidelines, which theoretically are an effective way to ensure physicians aren't driving up the bill by administering unnecessary procedures. Amid severe pressure from physicians, and a realization that these efforts weren't doing the trick, insurers have moved on to more progressive strategies, including incentives for caregivers that improve quality and lower costs. [Read More]
Healthcare Payers, Providers Partner on Claims Processing
The pressure for payers and providers to operate more efficiently and cooperatively is increasing—which is why many in healthcare are seeking to decrease claims adjudication woes. It's estimated that nearly $210 billion annually is spent to process healthcare claims. Moreover, approximately one in five medical claims is processed inaccurately, according to the American Medical Association's 2010 National Health Insurer Report Card. These processing errors cost the healthcare industry an estimated $15.5 billion. The AMA notes that if insurers could improve that number by just 1%, they would save nearly $778 million. [Read More]
Chicago's Provident Hospital to halt ambulance runs
Ambulance runs to cash-strapped Provident Hospital's emergency room are about to be halted as part of an effort by Cook County officials to cut the facility's budget. Beginning Saturday, the hospital will no longer accept ambulance runs to the emergency room. Patients will now be taken to any of the six hospitals within a five-mile radius of Provident. The change would affect about 3,800 patients who are brought by ambulance each year and would save the county between $20 million and $25 million. [Read More]
Rounds: Cardiac Care Leadership for Improved Alignment and Outcomes
Medical specialties are tied back to hospitals and health systems like never before; nowhere are the resulting alignment challenges more acute than in the cardiac service line, where independent practices find themselves seeking the financial shelter of integration. Join us on February 15 live from Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital and share in the lessons from executives at leading national cardiac service lines and medical groups on shared governance, clinical integration, and physician alignment. [Learn More]
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