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Hospital Data Mining Hits Paydirt
Karen Minich-Pourshadi, Senior Editor

Predictive analytics, also known as data mining, can overhaul the conventional hospital billing process, and offer administrators a much-sought after link between the clinical and the financial. Bonus: this technology often reveals millions in unnecessary losses. [Read More]
  November 29, 2010

Editor's Picks
Hoping for Repeal is Not a Strategy
Some of you are pinning your hopes for your organization's long-term well-being on repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. You see massive additional government regulation, reduced reimbursements, and pressure on your margin for the foreseeable future. Those are legitimate concerns regarding the law. Perhaps you're hoping the results of the election will mean the next Congress will repeal it, and you won't have to deal with it at all. The law is certainly not in any way perfect, and several of its provisions—mainly the long-term viability of the insurance mandate and the accompanying coverage increases—seem programmed to fail as they are currently written. But it is a law. They're tough to pass and tough to repeal. [Read More]
It's Good to Be in Healthcare
Despite all the ululating about shrinking reimbursements and the impact of federal healthcare reform, and any of a number of financial icebergs out there, let's acknowledge that it's good to be in healthcare. Numerous surveys show that physicians, highly skilled clinicians, and healthcare executives in the United States are the most highly compensated class of workers on the planet. [Read More]
Hospital Execs, Get Strategic About Capital Expenditures
Major capital investments in facilities are often the largest single expense incurred by healthcare providers in any given year. These decisions can have lasting and permanent impact on an institution. Hospital leaders simply cannot get them wrong. [Read More]
Intelligence Report: Hospital Mergers & Acquisitions
Brand-new research shows that 64% of healthcare leaders expect an increase in M&A activity between acute care hospitals and both diagnostic imaging and ambulatory surgery centers. As the transaction tide continues to rise, the newest HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report, Hospital Mergers & Acquisitions: Opportunities and Challenges, reveals key insights to help keep you afloat. [Read More]
HealthLeaders Media Rounds: Building Accountable Care Organizations
Hospitals and physicians are working hurriedly to build systems of care that reward quality, outcomes, and high-value care—the ingredients of the accountable care organization. Innovative healthcare leaders like Carilion Clinic and Norton Healthcare are getting ready now for the future of healthcare system delivery. Join us on Dec. 9 from Carilion Clinic and share the lessons these leaders have learned. [Register today]
Finance Forum
How to Increase Receivables While Preserving Patient Relationships
Securing patient-pay receivables is getting more difficult by the day, and with bad debt, now around 7%-10% expected to mushroom, successful collection has never been more important to a hospital's bottom line. Here are some expert pointers.

[Read More]
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Finance Headlines
10% of Family Docs Mull Shuttering Over Medicare Cuts
HealthLeaders Media, November 29, 2010
How Medicare sets hospital prices
HealthLeaders Media, November 29, 2010
NJ Hospital due for a $12M infusion, November 29, 2010
3 Insurers ordered to halt Medicare sales
The Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2010
Mass. posts industry payments to health care providers
The Boston Globe, November 23, 2010
N.J. nonprofit hospitals lag U.S.
The Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2010
More hospitals may face closure, November 19, 2010
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The Physician's Place in the ACO
Development of accountable care organizations may be critical to holding down costs and improving quality. But how will doctors' roles change? [Read More]
Service Line Management
Creating Stroke Systems of Care
If U.S. healthcare is headed toward a model that eliminates fragmentation and emphasizes continuity and cooperation, stroke care may be leading the way and making a difference in patients' lives. [Read More]
Money Talk

A look at one hospital's struggles to improve

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Rating: AA-
Outlook: Positive
Affected Debt: $1.7 billion
Agency: Standard & Poor's Ratings Services
Remarks: S&P revised its rating outlook to positive from stable and affirmed its AA- rating on various issuers' debt issued for Mayo Clinic. At the same time, S&P affirmed its various other ratings on numerous bonds issued on behalf of Mayo Clinic. Offsetting credit factors include liquidity levels that are still below similarly rated organizations. S&P also considers Mayo Clinic's asset allocation aggressive, with approximately 50% of Mayo's long-term fund in alternative assets. S&P also cites its potential exposure to future Medicare and Medicare physician reimbursement reductions.
[Read More]
Audio Feature

How MLR Will Impact the Healthcare Industry:Brenda Snow, Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning at Firstsource, a global business process outsourcing provider of revenue cycle management services, discusses how the Medical Loss Ratio will impact the healthcare industry.[Sponsored by Emdeon] [Listen Now]
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