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5 Questions About Community Engagement
Marianne Aiello, for HealthLeaders Media

As community engagement grows in importance, some organizations are adding community relations specialists to their executive rosters. Florida's Nemours Children's Hospital did just that earlier this month when it appointed Karen Breakell as community engagement director. She'll build community awareness of the organization's new hospital, set to open in 2012. I recently talked to Breakell and asked her to share her thoughts on her new position and the growing significance of community engagement in the current healthcare environment. [Read More]
  November 17, 2010


Editor's Picks
Zagat allows consumers to rate physicians in IL
Zagat is the latest website to let Illinois patients rate their doctors, reports The Chicago Tribune. There are now more than 30 different online communities that grade physicians, but the medical community has consistently questioned the concept. One complaint is that most sites are not attracting enough ratings to give consumers useful information. Zagat, which has teamed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, created an online tool that allows members to rate their physicians in four categories: trust, communication, availability, and office environment. Doctors' scores are only displayed on the site if they have reached 10 reviews. [Read More]
An inside look at presidential medical care
This New York Times article, "The Rigors of Treating the Patient in Chief," offers a fascinating account of presidential medical care. "No patient gets closer medical attention than the president of the United States," writes Lawrence K. Altman. "Wherever he goes, a doctor, nurse, or paramedic trails a few footsteps behind, ready for any medical need. It is the ultimate in concierge medicine." There is always a clinician by the president's side—one even spends the night in the West Wing. Talk about patient experience. [Read More]
AMA Releases Social Media Guidelines for Physicians
The American Medical Association last week adopted a social media use policy to help physicians protect patient privacy, and physicians' personal and professional reputations. The new policy encourages physicians to use privacy settings to safeguard personal information on social networking sites, monitor their own internet presence, maintain appropriate boundaries of the patient-physician relationship when interacting with patients online and ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained, and consider separating personal and professional content online. This new policy gives marketers a timely reason to remind doctors about the importance of their online presence. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Mommy Blog Banner Ads Get Results
The mommy blogger trend is continuing to catch on at hospitals around the country and is proving to be a success strategy to reach moms and moms-to-be. While many parenting blogs feature local parents sharing their views, Seattle Children's Hospital's Seattle Mama Doc blog features a pediatrician mom who writes about the best ways to keep kids healthy. The 250-bed hospital launched an online ad campaign in October to drive more traffic to the site. [Read More]
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The Physician's Place in the ACO
  Development of accountable care organizations may be critical to holding down costs and improving quality. But how will doctors' roles change?[Read More]
Service Line Management
Creating Stroke Systems of Care
If U.S. healthcare is headed toward a model that eliminates fragmentation and emphasizes continuity and cooperation, stroke care may be leading the way and making a difference in patients' lives. [Read More]
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3 E-mail Marketing Success Stories: Email marketing is often seen as another method of advertising, but to truly gauge the value of email for an organization we must look to its ultimate goal: communication. Organizations need to share information both internally and externally. Proper internal communication allows more efficient operations, higher morale, and promotion of internal initiatives. Externally, ideal communication can be used to establish a strong brand image, ultimately creating meaningful relationships with all stakeholders. [Read More]
Audio Feature
Why Patient Experience Should Drive CEO Decision-Making:
If a hospital is to become patient-centric, the CEO has to have patient experience at the top of his or her list of concerns, says Gary Adamson, chief executive officer of Starizon Studio. The CEO is the only person in the organization who can span across all the department silos and drive a well-thought out orchestrated patient experience, he says. [Listen Now]
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