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CHCs as Training Grounds for Primary Care Physicians
Cora Nucci, Senior Online Editor
A report published by the National Association of Community Health Centers suggests that the community health center system has an important role to play in training the nation's future primary care docs.[Read More]
October 27, 2010
Editor's Picks

HHS Earmarks $335M for Community Health Center Access
The Affordable Care Act grant program is the second of two major initiatives announced this month totaling more than $1 billion for community health centers. On Oct. 11, HHS said it would provide $727 million to 143 community health centers across the country for construction, expansion, and renovation projects. [Read More]

Citing SGR Cuts, Physicians Mull Dropping Medicare Patients
If Congress doesn't activate a "doc fix" to block the next cut in Medicare reimbursements, Two of three medical practices surveyed by the Medical Group Management Association say they will either limit the number of new Medicare patients they accept or stop seeing Medicare patients altogether.[Read More]

Hospitalizations for Drug Use Up Dramatically
Medication and illegal drug-related problems put twice as many middle-aged and older Americans in the hospital in 2008 as in 1997, according to a report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Taxpayers foot most of the bill. "Medicare and Medicaid were responsible for 57% of the $1.1 billion cost to hospitals in 2008 for treating these older patients with medication and drug-related conditions, the report says.[Read More]

Breakthroughs Report: Hospital Merger and Acquisition Strategies
The rules of healthcare are changing. Today, growth isn't about just getting bigger. It's about developing all of the components needed for coordinated care and reduced costs. In this HealthLeaders Media Breakthroughs report, leading hospital systems that have seen the value of growth from mergers and acquisitions—North Shore LIJ Health System, Novant Health, Baylor Health Care System, and Bayhealth Medical Center—share insights and lessons learned. [Read More]

Intelligence Report: Patient Experience — Help Wanted
While 72% of senior healthcare leaders say that patient experience has been a priority in the past year, only 1 of 8 CEOs has primary responsibility for it. Our exclusive, original research and analysis examines this paradox and delves into the realm of patient experience and its challenges, including why healthcare leaders report lack of success in achieving the kind of patient experience they need to provide. More Analysis »

HealthLeaders Media Rounds: Building Accountable Care Organizations
Hospitals and physicians are working hurriedly to build systems of care that reward quality, outcomes, and high-value care—the ingredients of the accountable care organization. Innovative healthcare leaders like Carilion Clinic, Norton Healthcare, and Sinai Health System are getting ready now for the future of healthcare system delivery. Join us on Dec. 9 from Carilion Clinic and share the lessons these leaders have learned. More Analysis »
Leaders Forum

It is Time to Act
With the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, along with the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act, major change will be coming to the way healthcare is organized, delivered, and managed in the United States. Healthcare leaders have been dealing with constant change for the past 30 years, but now the rate of change will need to accelerate in order to achieve success in a reformed healthcare environment. [Read More]

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Surgeon General Addresses Electronic Health Data Security Concerns (October 4)
Strategies to Manage ED Arrivals (October 1)
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