HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - September 29, 2010 | Invest in Interactive Media to Enhance Patient Experience
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Invest in Interactive Media to Enhance Patient Experience
Marianne Aiello, for HealthLeaders Media

I recently visited a relative in a Boston-area hospital and, as so often happens, found myself with a lot of down time while we waited for test results. After conversation was exhausted, I fished out my iPod Touch and was pleased to find that I could connect to the hospital wifi. Then I tried to access Facebook, YouTube, and Google Talk. All were blocked. I've asked around and found that blocking commonly visited websites on patient- and visitor-accessible networks isn't as uncommon as it should be. [Read More]
  September 29, 2010


Editor's Picks
Hospitals offer spa-like services to attract mammogram patients
A year after the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended that screening mammograms be done every two years rather than every year, and beginning at age 50 rather than 40, hospitals are beginning to use creative tactics to attract women to have mammograms done at their facilities. This Chicago Tribune article takes a look at the marketing and promotions approaches several hospitals are taking. St. John's Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis, for example, promoted an event called "Mamm & Glam," which allowed women to tour a digital mammogram van that was parked in a busy area of a local mall. The hospital also hosted a "Ladies Night Out" that offered mammograms in a spa-like and offered back massages, hair and makeup consultations and makeup sessions. [Read More]
Beth Israel's Levy refuses to step down—cue protesters
If you haven't kept up with the drama surrounding Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CEO Paul Levy, which I wrote about when the story broke back in April, here's the latest. Protesters calling for Levy to be fired gathered outside Boston's Four Seasons Hotel on Friday, where hospital board members were meeting, according to the Boston Herald. Demands that Levy step down after admitting that he had a relationship with a hospital executive who reported to him were bolstered after Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley found, in a recent review of the situation, that Levy's "continued, repeated and acknowledged failure to appreciate and address" his actions may have created a perception that "personal relationships trump professional qualifications" at the Harvard teaching hospital. By refusing to step down, Levy is only generating more bad publicity for the renowned hospital. And the board meeting at a swanky hotel isn't helping things, either. [Read More]
Patient Support Saves Hospitals Money
A study of 174,120 patients concludes that providing intense patient "support" saves healthcare dollars by about $6 per person per month. The report suggests that two extra efforts by health coaches to make telephone contact with higher risk patients resulted in a 3.6% reduction in costs after one-year, largely due to reduced costs of hospital admission or readmission, which were 10% less. The study was conducted by David Wennberg, MD, of Health Dialog Services Corporation and colleagues, and was published in last week's New England Journal of Medicine. Wennberg said that interventions included helping patients navigate the healthcare system as well as providing decision support. For example, decision support includes the coach helping the patient understand the pros and cons of having back surgery for sciatica, which carries risks that may be greater than managing the pain with medications, comes with a greater time to healing and may require repeat procedures. I'd imagine these patients come away with a more positive hospital experience, as well. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Physicians Take Live Calls and Online Messages During TV Segment
When OSF Healthcare System in Peoria, IL, partnered with a local TV station to create live, weekly health segments, marketers knew it would foster community engagement. The segments focused on different OSF service lines and featured two physicians who took live viewer calls. But soon marketers began to wonder how they could encourage more participation. [Read More]
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Audio Feature
Why Patient Experience Should Drive CEO Decision-Making:
If a hospital is to become patient-centric, the CEO has to have patient experience at the top of his or her list of concerns, says Gary Adamson, chief executive officer of Starizon Studio. The CEO is the only person in the organization who can span across all the department silos and drive a well-thought out orchestrated patient experience, he says. [Listen Now]
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