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Stop Waiting for Emerging Media to Emerge
Marianne Aiello, for HealthLeaders Media

In a Q&A session on "the future of emerging media" at SHSMD's annual conference in Chicago this week, many of the questions surprised me. About half of the attendees were well versed in social platforms and wanted information on the nitty-gritty of tracking and strategy, the other half still seemed worried about opening their organization up to online criticism and were skeptical about achieving leadership buy-in. This half of the group is clearly struggling to embrace social media. One woman proudly proclaimed that, after hours of work, she had successfully created a Facepage. [Read More]
  September 15, 2010


Editor's Picks
Smoking billboard distracts commuters, violates city ordinance
Marketers from Avera Health in Sioux Falls, SD, must be collectively putting their palms to foreheads over this one. The hospital erected a billboard showing a woman in a traffic accident as part of its campaign to encourage accident preparedness. The problem is that the billboard included a smoke machine, which was intended to make it look as if the busted-up car was fuming. Unfortunately, multiple commuters called 911 because they believed the sign was on fire. The hospital has since turned the smoke machine off after learning it violated a city ordinance. [Read More]
Florida hospitals compete with ED wait time billbaords
This article in The Palm Beach Post takes a look at why several hospitals in the competitive South Florida market are spending up to $10,000 on billboards that market ED wait times. The writer makes an interesting observation in why hospitals are suddenly interested in driving patients to the ED. "It wasn't so long ago that Palm Beach County patients were diverted from crowded ERs," she writes. "But in the past few years, hospitals have spent millions of dollars on new or expanded emergency rooms. For example, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center just completed a $13.6 million ER expansion." [Read More]
Updates from SHSMD on the MarketShare Blog
As SHSMD winds down today, be sure to head over to the MarketShare blog to read my posts that I updated from the conference in Chicago. I attended sessions on a variety of topics, from creating social media strategy to launching retail clinics to planning and marketing accountable care organizations. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the conference in the comments session. Already looking forward to next year. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Getting Creative to Market a Co-Branded Retail Clinic
Most hospital marketing departments are either charged with creating promotional efforts themselves or collaborating with ad agencies. But, when partnering with a conglomerate to launch a co-branded retail clinic, a whole new slew of difficulties arise. Wuesthoff Health System successfully navigated this process when it partnered with Walmart to do just that.[Read More]
Sponsored Headlines from IBM
Axendia White Paper: Lowering the Cost of Healthcare from the Inside Out: This white paper, written by Axendia, discusses how integrated asset and service management enables healthcare providers to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Best practices in complex patient care decisioning: Leading healthcare providers are relying on intelligent decisioning within their business processes to deliver dramatic improvements in patient care and operational efficiency. From clinical alert notification and clinical trial management to staff scheduling and claim processing, providers are transforming core processes through intelligent decisioning.

Mayo clinic radiology process transformation: Mayo Clinic transforms the way it processes and interprets medical imaging results to enable more accurate detection. Powerful algorithms pinpoint potential problem areas within medical images and flag them based on the probability of abnormality. This process transformation increases diagnostic sensitivity for detection of brain aneurysms through intelligent flagging of high-risk areas.

Smarter healthcare virtual scenario: Process improvement can take many forms, from reengineering patient admission processes to providing healthcare administrators with real-time views of process performance. Access the smarter healthcare virtual scenario to see first-hand how process improvement can lead to new, enhanced levels of healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Executive Brief: Providing better healthcare through smarter collaboration: Healthcare providers are being asked to provide better service with fewer resources and many are turning to IBM® Lotus® and IBM WebSphere® Portal software. Read this brief to see how smarter collaboration can streamline processes, improve communication and deliver outstanding customer service.

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Beyond Going Green
Expectations for environmental sustainability and stewardship are growing as healthcare leaders face heightened scrutiny from government and community. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Creating Stroke Systems of Care
If U.S. healthcare is headed toward a model that eliminates fragmentation and emphasizes continuity and cooperation, stroke care may be leading the way and making a difference in patients' lives. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Three E-mail Marketing Success Stories: Email marketing is often seen as another method of advertising, but to truly gauge the value of email for an organization we must look to its ultimate goal: communication. Organizations need to share information both internally and externally. Proper internal communication allows more efficient operations, higher morale, and promotion of internal initiatives. Externally, ideal communication can be used to establish a strong brand image, ultimately creating meaningful relationships with all stakeholders. [Read More]
Audio Feature
Why Patient Experience Should Drive CEO Decision-Making:
If a hospital is to become patient-centric, the CEO has to have patient experience at the top of his or her list of concerns, says Gary Adamson, chief executive officer of Starizon Studio. The CEO is the only person in the organization who can span across all the department silos and drive a well-thought out orchestrated patient experience, he says. [