HealthLeaders Media IT - August 24, 2010 | Words Matter When it Comes to Tech-Savvy Patients
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Words Matter When it Comes to Tech-Savvy Patients
Gienna Shaw, Technology Editor

Steel yourself for some alarming news: Cyberchondriacs are on the rise, up from 50 million in 1998 to 175 million today, according to market research firm Harris Interactive. And they're also getting more active: "Fully 32% of all adults who are online say they look for health information 'often,' compared to 22% last year." [Read More]
August 24, 2010  
Editor's Picks
Physician Investment in IT, Accountable Care, Needed for Reform
"Delivering on the promise of reform will require the full engagement of physicians," several White House officials said an Annals of Internal Medicine article released this week. The Affordable Care Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, they said, will likely to affect the practice of medicine in a number of ways including expanding the use of electronic health records with capacity for drug reconciliation, guidelines, alerts, and other decision supports and developing ways—including telehealth solutions—to engage and monitor patients outside of the office. "As physicians organize themselves into increasingly larger groups ? they are, out of necessity, investing in information technology tools," the authors wrote. Further, these IT tools are "becoming both cheaper and more capable."[Read More]

HHS to Give $32 Million for Rural Healthcare Access
To improve access to healthcare for rural Americans, the U.S. Health and Human Services Administration Monday announced $32 million in FY 2010 funds to "strengthen partnerships among rural health providers," according to the agency's administrator, Mary Wakefield. More than $2 million of the money will fund the Telehealth Network Grant Program, which helps develop sustainable communications networks that allow patients to receive care from specialists without requiring that either travel long distances. To improve access to healthcare for rural Americans, the U.S. Health and Human Services Administration Monday announced $32 million in FY 2010 funds to "strengthen partnerships among rural health providers," according to the agency's administrator, Mary Wakefield. [Read More]

Healthcare Data Breaches Lag Other Industries
Healthcare has seen its share of egregious data breaches in the past year, especially with the launch of the Office for Civil Rights website with posts of entities reporting breaches of unsecured protected health information (PHI) affecting 500 or more individuals. But among all industries, healthcare may actually be the best at securing information, according to a recent study. The healthcare industry represented just 3% of breaches, while "financial services" accounted for the most at 33%. [Read More]

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InformationWeek, August 24, 2010

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Headed to ER? Some post waits by text, billboard
The Washington Post/AP, August 24, 2010
July 15: A Better Way Than Pay For Call Coverage
July 22: Marketing to Physicians: Increase Sales Success Through Measurement and Tracking

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