HealthLeaders Media IT - July 13, 2010 | Winners and Losers in HHS Final Meaningful Use Rule
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Winners and Losers in HHS Final Meaningful Use Rule
Gienna Shaw, Technology Editor

The HHS meaningful use final regulations announced Tuesday specify what physicians and hospitals will have to do to receive a share of up to $27 billion in bonus Medicare payments for adoption of electronic health records over the next ten years. That big pile of money aside, as with all efforts that result from compromise, there are reasons to cheer and reasons to jeer. [Read More]
July 13, 2010
Editor's Picks
HHS Proposes Tighter HIPAA Privacy Rule
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released a proposed rule to modify the HIPAA privacy, security, and enforcement rules, extending HIPAA compliance requirements to subcontractors of business associates, and strengthening patient rights to health information privacy. According to the Office for Civil Rights, which enforces the HIPAA privacy and security rules for HHS, the proposed 'significant' modifications include a requirement that BAs of HIPAA-covered entities be under most of the same rules as the covered entities, new expansion of individuals' rights to access their information and to restrict certain types of disclosures of PHI to health plans. [Read More]

Telemedicine Trialed for Obstetric Consultations
A $1.8 million, three-year pilot project headed by The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Health Foundation will seek to determine whether telemedicine technology could provide effective perinatal consulting services to women who have high-risk pregnancies and live in rural areas of Eastern Tennessee. Maternal fetal medicine specialists and healthcare professionals at Regional Obstetric Consultants of Chattanooga and Knoxville already offer care to women with high-risk pregnancies. However, women living in the valleys and mountains of Eastern Tennessee who had long ways to travel would often miss appointments, resulting in increased health-related problems in both mother and child. [Read More]

St. Rose Dominican Hospitals to post data on quality
In response to a Las Vegas Sun investigation of hospital care, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals officials have pledged to make public their internal quality measures? and challenged other local hospitals to do the same. The Sun investigation, based on hospital billing data on file with the state, identified 969 instances in 2008 and 2009 in which patients suffered preventable injuries, infections or other harm in Las Vegas hospitals. St. Rose CEO Rod Davis has pledged to share with the Sun and post on his hospitals? Website cases of preventable harm that occur at the three St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. St. Rose will also publicize sentinel events it reports to the state. No facility in the state has ever made this data public.[Read More]

Government report raises questions about CT scans at Illinois hospitals
Administrators at Edward Hospital were surprised by government data that their doctors were ordering double CT scans?one using injected dye, one without?at far higher rates than other hospitals in Chicago and across the nation. In the process, patients were getting large doses of radiation. The hospital launched an investigation, and physicians began to focus on curbing use of the scans. This is just what the government hopes will happen as it publishes more information on the quality of health care in the US, including just-released, first-of-its-kind data about medical imaging. The data release is part of an ongoing effort to shine a spotlight on how well hospitals follow guidelines for care, meet patients' needs, and end up saving lives.[Read More]

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