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Simple 'Three Bucket' Tool Helps Prevent Huge Cause of Inpatient Death
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
What preventable hospital-acquired condition causes the most hospital mortality, or an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 acute care deaths a year, more than the number dying annually from breast cancer, AIDS, and traffic accidents combined? If you answered blood clots, by which we mean venous thromboembolism (VTE), you would be right on the money. VTEs are a growing nightmare for hospitals, not just because they are potentially preventable, but also because patients who survive them have inpatient costs of an additional $10,000 to $20,000 per year. [Read More]
June 9, 2010
Editor's Picks

Open Records Pilot Project Looks To Reinvigorate Patient-Physician Dialogue
My colleague, Senior Editor John Commins, wrote this fascinating article about a renewed movement to let patients review their medical records. Fear of lawsuits, confusion, and hassle have made doctors and hospitals reluctant, but now there's a new angle that states giving patients ready access will make them more accountable and responsible for their health. [Read More]

Joint Commission Pushes Back Telemedicine Requirements Until March 2011
In what many are reviewing with a sigh of relief, CMS has proposed changes in its telemedicine requirements, resulting in the Joint Commission delaying its date of implementation. Hospitals can comment on the proposed CMS rule changes until July 26, 2010. [Read More]

Hospitals Fined More than $1M For Failure to Report Adverse Events
While several states have laws requiring that hospitals report adverse events, California may be the first of many states to aggressively fine hospitals for not promptly reporting them. One in four hospitals in the state has been fined for late reporting. [Read More]

Preparing for the July Effect: Five Strategies for Integrating New Residents
My colleague, Senior Editor Elyas Bakhtiari, found this frightening study documenting a 10% increase in lethal medication errors in hospitals for the month of July, apparently linked to counties with large teaching hospitals. Could the influx of residents be responsible for that difference? If so, where are their attending physicians? [Read More]

Cleveland Clinic's New Health Center Will Feature 'Patient Navigators' to Coordinate Care
Cleveland Clinic is building a medical home, a $25 million health center on the Huron Hospital campus that will be all healthy things to all people. The project will link healthy living with many kinds of healthcare services, including a patient navigator. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

Bring Your Strategy to Life: Implementation and Feedback Stages
In a robust healthcare system, strategy is executed from the ranks. Employees must understand what the corporate strategy is, why it is important, what their role is within it and how to make decisions in everyday activities that breathe life into the strategy. In other words: they need to know how to execute the strategy. But explaining a strategy is not easy. In part 2 of her two-part guest column, Gabrielle DeTora explains the structures needed to translate effective strategic imperatives to the rank-and-file. [Read More]

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