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Do You Have What It Takes to Fire Your Consultants?
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Leadership

Why don't you fire your consultants? It's a provocative question and its tough to answer, but CEOs, you're part of the problem. In fact, when it comes to getting value from your multitude of consulting engagements, you're the main problem. The simple truth is that you don't often fire your consultants because you depend on them. They nurture that dependent relationship, in fact. It's just good business for them.
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  June 4, 2010

Editor's Picks
What Lies Ahead for HSAs?
Worth reading is this analysis by my colleague Elyas Bakhtiari about health savings accounts, whose ability to bend the healthcare cost curve seems much more mired in politics than in actual sound actuarial analysis. It was just a few years ago that health savings accounts and high-deductible health plans were hailed as the future of healthcare and considered the tools for fixing the system through consumer-driven reforms. And it was just a few months ago that HSAs were on the brink of extinction as the target of an amendment in proposed healthcare reform legislation. So now that HSAs have survived a brush with death but are no longer the priority they once were, what does the future hold for the accounts and similar health reimbursement arrangements? [Read More]
New healthcare rules multiply man-hours for policymakers, bureaucrats
Here's an interesting piece about the more than 2,000-pages of law that is otherwise known as health reform. It's keeping the bureaucrats busy, the Washington Post reports. But no one ever doubted that. What's more interesting is that at least as much change is going on behind the scenes as those same bureaucrats interpret broad language in the law into the more specific regulations that stem from it. In fact, they're arguably as much a factor as lawmakers in how the law actually will be administered. [Read More]
Data used to justify health savings can be shaky
In selling the healthcare overhaul to Congress, the Obama administration cited a once obscure research group at Dartmouth College to claim that it could not only cut billions in wasteful healthcare spending but make people healthier by doing so. But while the research compiled in the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care has been widely interpreted as showing the country's best and worst care, the Dartmouth researchers themselves acknowledged in interviews that in fact it mainly shows the varying costs of care in the government's Medicare program. Measures of the quality of care are not part of the formula. Where were you six months ago, New York Times, when the health reform bills were actually being debated? [Read More]

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IBM Study: Leveraging the Value of Portal Solutions: The IDC recently did a study comparing the total cost of ownership of in-house portal development with that of portals developed with IBM® WebSphere® Portal.

This Week's Headlines
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Jackson Health System hires financial consultant
Miami Herald - June 3, 2010
Boca Raton, FL, hospital boosts income
South Florida Business Journal - June 3, 2010

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