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CLABSI: 'A Polio Campaign for the 21st Century'
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
Just before the long weekend, health providers heard some upbeat news. In fact, infection control officials who attended a briefing almost sounded like they were attending a pep rally and not a press conference. That's because it isn't every day that a federal agency can boast an 18% cut in dreaded CLABSI, or central line associated bloodstream infections, which occur an estimated 248,000 times each year in U.S. hospitals. [Read More]
June 2, 2010
Editor's Picks

Don't Cut Here! Lower Inpatient Satisfaction Scores an Ominous Sign
HealthLeaders Media Senior Editor Philip Betbeze dissects the reasons for drops in patient satisfaction with their care in hospital settings. One of the most important reasons, he says, is that patients are getting smarter and have a more educated way of evaluating their care. [Read More]

Medtronic Begins Disclosing Payments to Physicians
Patients can now learn what payments their doctors are receiving, and can evaluate the relationships their physicians have with at least one medical device company. The move comes after Congressional concerns about the company's payments to physicians for consulting services, and allegations of kickbacks to boost implant sales. [Read More]

Is A Double Whammy Ahead for Hospitals and Healthcare Reform?
HealthLeaders Media Senior Editor Karen Minich-Pourshadi takes on the question of whether healthcare reform legislation will help or hurt hospitals' bottom line in the way the new laws will affect inpatient admissions through the emergency department. According to one report, ED patients that get admitted generate revenue for care that pays for those uninsured patients who don't. [Read More]

City of Hope Rift with Physicians Threatens Both—and Scares Patients
This uncharacteristic medical kerfuffle near Los Angeles pits a prestigious cancer hospital against its contracted doctors, and both have gone to court to settle the issue. Whether they can come back to the table and start all over again remains to be seen. At issue is a letter the doctors sent to patients, which hospital officials say was premature and unnecessarily alarming. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

Plan, Align, Deploy and Execute: Bring Your Strategy to Life
Employees must understand what the corporate strategy is, why it is important, what their role is within it and how to make decisions in everyday activities that breathe life into the strategy. In other words: they need to know how to execute the strategy. But explaining a strategy is not easy. [Read More]

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Wall Street Journal – June 2, 2010
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