HealthLeaders Media NursingLeaders - May 18, 2010 | Simulation Training Makes New Grads Better Nurses
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Simulation Training Makes New Grads Better Nurses
Rebecca Hendren, Editor
What's the best way to train new graduate nurses? Ten hospitals will give you 10 different answers. Every organization has its own system to move new nurses through orientation quickly and successfully. Phoenix-based Banner Health System found itself asking that question last year, says Carol Cheney, MS, Banner's director of simulation and innovation. [Read More]
May 18, 2010
Editor's Picks

CA Report Says Half of Medicare and Medicaid Bills Pay for Care to Readmitted Patients
HealthLeaders Media's community and rural health editor, Cheryl Clark, reports from California about the cost of patients being readmitted to hospital. Caring for these patients represents half of the Medicare and Medicaid bills incurred in California, or $31 billion and $10 billion respectively, for one year. That's according to a new report that looks at repeat patient admissions by age, region of the state, payer, and race. The report is one of the few in the country to track readmissions for 365 days after initial hospital discharge. [Read More]
Time to Put Patients First
My colleague Gienna Shaw wrote a detailed piece for HealthLeaders magazine about hospitals' failure to put patient first. She argues that at the core, healthcare has just one mission: caring for patients. And yet it still fails them along the entire spectrum of care. Americans have trouble getting their physicians, specialists, and alternative providers to talk to each other—let alone communicate effectively with them. And then they get a bill for it all that they can't understand. While no universal fix has been found to address these and other challenges, some healthcare industry innovators are leading change. [Read More]
Should All Healthcare Providers Have Geriatrics Training?
The Partnership for Health in Aging—a coalition of more than 20 organizations representing eldercare professionals—released this week a set of 23 geriatrics core competencies that it says all healthcare providers should have to better care for elderly patients. Some experts think training all doctors, dentists, nurses, physician therapists, social workers, and other providers in basic elder care may be the best way to prepare the nation for the "silver tsunami." [Read More]
White House Issues First Legal Defense of Healthcare Reform
White House lawyers have filed the government's response to a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, previewing what may become a state-by-state legal battle over the future of healthcare reform. The suit was filed by the Thomas More Law Center in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of four uninsured individuals who do not plan to buy health insurance and claim they will be harmed by the monetary penalty when insurance becomes mandatory in 2014. [Read More]

NurseLeaders Forum

Developing a Just Culture
Barbara A. Brunt, MA, MN, RN-BC, director of nursing education and staff development at Summa Health System, a multihospital system in Akron, OH, writes about the philosophy of a just culture. Just culture refers to a values-supportive model of shared accountability. It's a culture that holds organizations accountable for the systems they design and for how they respond to staff behaviors fairly and justly. In turn, staff members are accountable for the quality of their choices and for reporting both their errors and system vulnerabilities. [Read More]

Business Rx

To Blog or Not to Blog: CNO Connects With Staff Nurses
Something as simple as blogging can turn into a road of communication between the CNO and the staff. St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital turned to the nursing portal on its intranet. [Read More]

Nursing Headlines

Whistleblowers Say Money Is Not Their Motivation
John Commins, for HealthLeaders Media - May 17, 2010

Shame on Wall Street, But Shame on Healthcare Leaders Too
Karen Minich-Pourshadi, for HealthLeaders Media - May 17, 2010

Study finds surge in kids hospitalized with MRSA
Wall Street Journal - May 18, 2010

Eleventh VRSA Case in U.S. Diagnosed; CDC Urges Diligence
Cheryl Clark, for HealthLeaders Media - April 8, 2010

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