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How the Dakotas Keep Their Doctors: Sanford Merit Says 'We Grow Our Own'
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
It is well-documented that rural areas throughout the U.S. are provider-poor, and with the coming shortage of doctors estimated at 150,000 over the next 15 years, these areas may be especially challenged to find qualified practitioners. But apparently, Sanford Merit Care has overcome the physician recruitment challenge. [Read More]
May 12, 2010
Editor's Picks

CFO Alert: Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions Just Ahead
Our Senior Finance Editor, Karen Minich-Pourshadi, explains the reasons behind a new willingness among hospital executives to consider mergers and acquisitions. It isn't for market share, but rather survival due to the recession. [Read More]

Five Tips to Guide Your Hospital's Social Media Policy
Senior Technology Editor Gienna Shaw offers some interesting guidance to engage your hospital with a social media policy. Here's a thought: Social Media is all about connecting, not pushing a message. [Read More]

Medication Vending Machines Offer Patient Convenience In Rural Areas
Filling prescriptions is often a challenge for patients after they're discharged from a hospital stay, and places them at risk for readmission. So why not bring the prescriptions right in front of them so they avoid an extra stop? [Read More]

More Efforts Called for Defining Medical Loss Ratio by Locality
Senior Quality Editor Janice Simmons writes that health insurers are under increased scrutiny for what they are classifying as a "medical care" versus "administration" in the medical-loss ratio debate. Sen. Rockefeller wants the Obama Administration to require more transparency to clarify the regional disparity: including why are some plans as low as 62%, while others 95%? [Read More]
Leaders Forum

Even in Today's Economy, Creative Solutions Get Hospital Projects Built
It's possible, even in today's economic climate, for new hospital construction projects to get off the ground. Collaboration and commitment are enabling hospitals of all sizes to be built in a down economy. Old playbooks don't have to be entirely discarded, but they must be revised and adjusted to accommodate a reconfigured playing field, say contributors J. Todd Robinson, AIA, and Alan P. Richman. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Healthcare overhaul is up against long campaign across U.S.
Washington Post ? May 12, 2010
California regulators to inspect Olive View-UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles Times ? May 12, 2010
FDA urges docs to report misleading drug ads
AP/Yahoo News ? May 12, 2010
Minnesota nurses, doctors, hospitals urge shift to Medicaid
Minneapolis Star Tribune ? May 11, 2010

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