HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - May 5, 2010
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E-Pharmacy Catches Drug Mistakes for Rural Hospitals in Five States
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
It's always refreshing to hear about a big, geographically diverse hospital system that tries to find solutions for its smallest facilities, and succeeds. Especially when doing so saves tons of money and prevents medication errors that endanger patients. Welcome to the world of e-pharmacy, and Bravo Banner Health. [Read More]
May 5, 2010
Editor's Picks

Nearly Half of Primary Care Docs Get No Additional Compensation for On-call
A new MGMA survey shows great variation in emergency on-call compensation between non-surgical and surgical specialist physicians. The finding may also indicate a growing gap in doctors who are willing to take call in areas with large populations of uninsured because their efforts may be completely uncompensated for some patients. [Read More]

Four Steps to the Next Step in Your Social Media Evolution
Does your hospital tweet? My colleague, technology senior editor Gienna Shaw, says, in effect, that leadership should learn to use it to their system's advantage. And by the way, it's tweeting, not twittering. [Read More]

Natural Orifice Trials Begin, A Potential 'Game Changer' for Hospitals
Imagine patient satisfaction scores when a hospital can promise, and deliver, virtually scarless, virtually painless surgery that sends them home the same day. That's the promise from this developing field—now in its first clinical trial—that uses natural orifices to remove, repair and explore diseased tissue. [Read More]

Healthcare Reform: Moody's Report Indicates Hospitals May Take It on the Chin
Many hospitals, especially smaller, single-site facilities, may have suffered terribly from recession credit and business fallout. But there's more to come, writes my colleague, Senior Finance Editor Karen Minich-Pourshadi, who looks at a Moody's survey that sees trouble ahead. [Read More]

Breakthroughs: The Impact of Personalized Medicine Today
Take a look at how progressive health systems, medical researchers, and physicians are working together to bring the practical benefits of personalized medicine to the frontlines of healthcare delivery. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Partners HealthCare, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center share insights and the lessons learned that will help you explore the current and near-term impact of personalized medicine, determine whether your healthcare information technology foundation is ready for the opportunity, and see where lab research and clinical practice are overlapping. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

How Hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers Should Collaborate
Drowning in losses from uncompensated emergency room care? Collaborative relationships between hospitals and federally qualified health centers can benefit both provider types by allocating scarce resources effectively and efficiently to lift the health status of a community and decrease hospital losses from avoidable ER visits. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

At one hospital, computerized order system cut mortality by 20%
Wall Street Journal ? May 4, 2010
Study: Mammograms catch few cancers in young women
Reuters ? May 4, 2010
High-risk insurance pools divide the states
Wall Street Journal ? May 3, 2010
Oversight board for Jackson Health System OK'd
Miami Herald ? May 4, 2010

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While reforms aim to encourage coordination, linking the care continuum will happen at the service line level. But first providers will have to change their relationships, and how they think about care delivery. [Read More]
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