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A Model for Hospital Collaboration—No Government Action Required
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Leadership

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston didn't need a massive healthcare overall to reform care. Its Stroke Partners Network is at the vanguard of the collaborative, cost-effective kind of care that helps more patients survive strokes and prevents suffering and hospitalizations. And by the way, it's a profitable business model, both for St. Luke's and the hospitals in the network.
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  April 2, 2010

Editor's Picks
University Community Health, Adventist Health explore merger
Might this be the start of a wave of hospital mergers sparked by healthcare reform? Well, maybe, but don't bet on it. These kinds of things don't happen overnight, which is how this one would have had to go down if healthcare reform was a big part of it. It turns out that the two have already partnered on a joint venture that dates to 2007. Further, I take issue with calling it a merger, because it would clearly be an acquisition, but that's just quibbling with language. In any case, expect the pace of these acquisitions to pick up as people learn more details about the legislation. [Read More]
Two Reasons Health Reform Will Bring Medicaid Managed Care Expansion
To anyone who thinks health insurers were big losers under healthcare reform, you've got another think coming, so says my colleague Les Masterson. Les argues that reform will push the so-called "young invincibles" to buy insurance rather than face a fine. Yes, the fines are paltry and it won't push all young, healthy people into insurance, but it should move most of them into insurance and they will help pay for the infusion of sicker people who insurers will have to accept. I don't wholeheartedly buy his argument about the fines pushing young people to buy insurance. But I do buy his argument that there is a segment of health insurance that may get an even bigger boost—Medicaid managed care. [Read More]
Physicians' Group Sues to Overturn Health Reform
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has filed a lawsuit to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, claiming the health reform mandate to buy health insurance is unconstitutional under the Fifth and 10th amendments, the Commerce Clause, and the authority to tax. Physicians aren't alone in suing to overturn healthcare reform legislation. While I'm personally no fan of much of the legislation, this legal tack of wrapping themselves in the Constitution, which some states who don't like the legislation are also pursuing, seems ridiculous when you look at its logic. Fine, don't force people to buy insurance. But if that's fair, it's also not fair to ask the rest of us to eat the cost of treating them when they get sick or injured. Nobody's going to fix my car for me if I don't have insurance and I get into a wreck. Let's not play games. I'm no lawyer, thankfully, but this argument seems destined to fail. [Read More]
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