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Last-Minute Heath Reform Change Gives New Life to Quality-Based Payments
Janice Simmons, Senior Editor
For years, many healthcare providers in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and various rural areas complained about Medicare's payment system—saying it shortchanged them because they were providing equal or even better care at lower costs than elsewhere around the country. But under new last-minute provisions agreed to under the healthcare reconciliation bill approved by the House on Sunday, this argument may become moot. [Read More]
March 25, 2010
Editor's Picks

Hospitals' Sustainability Managers Look for Savings through Better Environmental Practices
Many hospitals already have green teams of ecology-minded employees who strategize ways to reduce waste and energy consumption, but some medical centers have taken things a step further by creating a full-time position for the management of environmental initiatives, typically called a "sustainability officer" or "sustainability manager." [Read More]

Healthcare Reform Will Impact Long-Term Care
The health reform legislation passed in the House Sunday contains numerous provisions related to long-term care. One of these provisions is the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act, which was originally introduced by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. The CLASS Act will make long-term care insurance available to all Americans, who will be automatically enrolled with the choice to opt out. [Read More]

Hospitals Should Verify Safety Inspections Now
The upcoming end of the first quarter may be a time to reflect on your financial performance. But from a building safety perspective, that timeframe also triggers several recurring inspection and testing activities that The Joint Commission mandates. [Read More]

Sebelius Pushes for Medicare to Pay Based on Quality, Value
In 11th-hour negotiations last weekend with representatives from the White House and several House members who belong to the Quality Care Coalition, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius presented a letter indicating that Medicare may be soon moving away from a fee-for-service system to a more quality- and value-based system. [Read More]
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