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Don't Take Critical Access Hospitals for Granted
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
In all the drama and uncertainty about how healthcare reform will impact the nation, let me share a surprising gem that helps keep perspective about medicine for rural America. More than one in every four hospitals in the United States is not a large fancy building with lots of doctors and nurses and the latest diagnostic equipment, and a big donor's name on the front door. On the contrary, at least 25% are small structures with no more than 25 beds and, usually, low profiles. [Read More]
March 24, 2010
Editor's Picks

13 AGs File Suit to Block Health Reform Mandates
My colleague, Senior Editor John Commins, wrote this story on Tuesday, and by now the number of lawsuits against health reform bill is up to 14 or more. It will be interesting to see whether any of them are successful and what precepts they're leaning on to make their case. [Read More]

Is Health Reform a Disaster or Opportunity for Hospitals?
The American Hospital Association and other trade groups were lavish with praise for the health reform bill's passage. But on the ground, hospitals executives are shaking nervously, wondering whether and how they can prepare to function with reduced reimbursements, even as their own physicians form ACOs that compete against them. [Read More]

Kennedy's Dream Came True, but Healthcare Cost Troubles Remain
HealthLeaders Media Senior Editor Joe Cantlupe has an interesting column today about the health reform experience in Massachusetts, which has been said by David Axelrod to be a model for health reform. Yet the Commonwealth has seen big challenges in unequal reimbursement. Perhaps we can learn how to avoid those issues on a national scale. [Read More]

Where Have All the CEOs Gone?
Hospital chief executive officers are leaving their posts at an interesting rate—18% a year—or so says my colleague, Senior Editor Philip Betbeze. Is it young CEOs leaving smaller facilities and going to larger ones, older CEOs retiring, or is there something else at work at community hospital facilities? Let Phil know what you think. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

The New Sheriff in Town: The Unique Role of an Interim Manager: Part 2
Charles Van Sluyter has served as an interim healthcare executive for 15 hospitals in nine states. Interim management positions offer a "test drive" period for both the person hired and the client hospital for potentially converting to a permanent role. In part two of his series, Van Sluyter provides advice from his experience regarding interim work and helps you avoid common mistakes that might potentially sink the engagement. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Nurses' drug dispensing examined
Wall Street Journal ? March 24, 2010
In healthcare bill, Obama attacks wealth inequality
New York Times ? March 24, 2010
Major healthcare changes will not take place until 2014
Boston Globe ? March 23, 2010
Doctor's stethoscope cover aimed at hospital infections
Boston Globe ? March 22, 2010

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