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Predictive Modeling: Good for Budgets and Patients
Karen Minich-Pourshadi, Senior Editor-Finance

You may recall a footnote in history about former First Lady Nancy Reagan's trip to her psychic. Back then, people laughed at the notion of seeing a soothsayer to know your future, but then again it was an economic boom time. These days most CFOs would probably love to have someone look at their collective palms and tell them where to trim the budget next or where to grow their facilities. I'm not suggesting you find a local psychic to guide your hospitals financial decisions, but you may want to invest in predictive modeling. [Read More]
  March 22, 2010

Editor's Picks
11 Health Leaders React to House Passing Health Reform
Lawmakers finally passed historic health reform legislation with a vote of 219 to 212, three votes more than they needed. Leaders will have to figure out how the government will implement and administer the numerous provisions over the coming months, and many key mandates of the new law won't take effect for years. But what do health leaders think of Sunday's health reform vote? Our Senior Editor Cheryl Clark found out by hearing from 11 healthcare leaders. [Read More]
10 Major Changes to Health Reform in House's Reconciliation Bill
The House Rules Committee issued its 153-page reconciliation proposal that make "legislative fixes" to the Senate health reform measure. Senior Editor Janice Simmons offers you a sampling of several of the major changes made to the Senate bill. [Read More]
Health Plan Helps Hospitals Achieve Better Grades
Hospitals sometimes face issues that CEOs wouldn't like to brag about. There may be lapses in quality of care, such as hospital-based infections or failure to adhere to treatment guidelines. A hospital may fall below optimal standards, despite the fact that the facility may be working diligently at quality improvement. When hospitals face these issues, they don't often look to a health plan for help, but that's not the case in California. Learn more about an evolving pilot program in the Golden State that joins Blue Shield of California and Adventist Health, along with the California Health Care Coalition, to improve quality and decrease cost. [Read More]
Where Have All the CEOs Gone?
According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, hospital CEO turnover reached 18% in 2009, a rate equaled only four times since tracking began in 1981. Though ACHE attributes much of the turnover rate to demographics—CEOs who are part of the baby boom generation are getting old and they're ready for retirement—our Leadership Editor Philip Betbeze thinks there's much more to it. [Read More]
Finance Forum
10 'Do-It-Now' Strategies to Boost Cash
Providers leave money on the table for one simple reason: They don't focus on the front end. To help healthcare financial leaders obtain the payments due, get their balance sheets back on track, ensure all processes are handled fairly, and guide patients through the payment system, here are 10 front-end strategies to help your hospital find the money. [Read More]
Finance Headlines
House passes healthcare reform bill without Republican votes
Washington Post - March 22, 2010
In reform, boons for hospitals and drug makers
New York Times - March 22, 2010
The real arithmetic of healthcare reform
New York Times - March 22, 2010
How healthcare reform reduces the deficit in five not-so-easy steps
Newsweek - March 22, 2010
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Harnessing effective asset management in an uncertain economy from IBM

Building a successful validation process and compliance support with IBM Maximo solutions

Managing healthcare assets and optimizing asset utilization with IBM asset management tools

Learn how Sisters of Mercy Health achieved its asset management goals in partnership with IBM

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Medical Breakthroughs That Will Change Healthcare
HealthLeaders March 2010 Here are the devices, treatments, and procedures that will change the delivery—and the business—of healthcare. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Making Women's Health Work
Women's health is becoming more expansive and multidisciplinary, but there's no one-size-fits-all approach to success. [Read More]
Money Talk

Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Burlington, MA
Rating: A+
Outlook: Stable
Affected Debt: $185 million
Agency: Standard and Poor's
Remarks: The shift from an A rating to an A+ rating reflects Lahey's strong and unique business position as a physician-led integrated multispecialty group practice and hospital, according to Standard and Poor's. Despite the competition of Boston's academic medical centers, Lahey has maintained a dominant position in its primary and secondary market areas, reflected by its improved level of financial performance through unaudited fiscal 2009 and continued utilization growth across most inpatient and outpatient service lines, reports Standard and Poor's. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Using Claims Transparency to Reduce Waste: Richard Igram, vice president for contracting at St. Joseph Health System, and Juan Davila, senior vice president for network management at Blue Shield of California, discuss the Partnership in Operational Excellence and Transparency. The program offers transparency around claims data in an effort to reduce waste in the system. [Listen Now]

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