HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - March 10, 2010
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Rival Systems Realize They Gain From Collaboration
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
Healthcare leaders at rival organizations seem increasingly likely to pick up the phone, call each other, and ask if they'd like to meet for a drink. But these aren't social calls. These folks are trying to find opportunities to improve care. [Read More]
March 10, 2010
Editor's Picks

Do Family, Friends' Photos Trigger HIPAA Violations?
My colleague, John Commins, asked and answered a question about an issue I've always wondered about. Is a hospital or doctor liable when a family member or friend takes a photo that intrudes patient privacy? Is it a HIPAA violation? A shark attack photo mishap provides the jumping point. [Read More]

One Year Later: What Have We Learned from H1N1?
Handwashing, vaccine distribution prioritization, more patient protection gear, and banning children from visitor areas helped avert a national disaster in 2009. But providers should avoid complacency—we don't yet know what's coming this year. [Read More]

Study Links High Hospital Occupancy to Higher Death Risk
It stands to reason that a busy hospital filled with sicker patients might have more deaths than one with low patient census. But the University of Michigan Health System documented a connection between higher death rates and hospital occupancy, flu season, nurse staffing, and weekend admissions. [Read More]

Harmful Event Detection Misses Problems, Results in Medicare Overpayments, Says OIG
The federal government, acting on advice from the Office of Inspector General, might tighten its scrutiny of billing records to recapture more cases of avoidable errors that resulted in expensive care. Tracking these adverse events may better prevent their recurrence. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

The New Sheriff in Town: The Unique Role of an Interim Manager
Charles Van Sluyter has served as an interim healthcare executive for 15 hospitals in nine states. Interim management positions offer a "test drive" period for both the person hired and the client hospital for potentially converting to a permanent role, he says. In part one of his column, Van Sluyter addresses the interim manager's lifestyle, how to find interim work, and how to best assess a potential client hospital before signing on. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

New tool lets patients call the shots at end of their lives
Minneapolis Star Tribune ? March 10, 2010
Jackson South hospital in Miami could be multimillion-dollar white elephant
Miami Herald ? March 9, 2010
Group appointments give patients better access to physicians
Washington Post ? March 9, 2010
One hospital's simple measure to defeat infections
Philadelphia Inquirer ? March 8, 2010

Webcasts/Audio Conferences

Beyond ROI: Prove the Success of Your Marketing Efforts (March 31)
Cancer Service Line Success: Better Coordination, Better Outcomes (March 30)
Physician Compensation Models in a Strained Economy (On Demand)

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From HealthLeaders Magazine
Beyond Meaningful Use
Technology can help the healthcare industry achieve better outcomes and cost savings, but only if providers incorporate decision-support tools and a coordinated approach to delivering care. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Imaging After the Recession
After freezing capital spending during the recession, hospitals are investing in imaging again. But reimbursement cuts and reform have changed the focus of the service line. [Read More]
Audio Feature
California Rural Hospitals Want Right to Hire Doctors: Peggy Wheeler, Vice President of the Rural Healthcare Center of the California Hospital Association, explains why the shortage of physicians in rural areas compels a change in the law so hospitals can directly employ physicians. Otherwise, doctors won't have financial security to work in areas with poor payer mixes or fewer patients than large urban areas, where doctors are in a more plentiful supply. [Listen Now]
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