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Blizzardgate Firings Threaten Nurse Morale
Rebecca Hendren, Editor
The news that one of Washington, DC's largest hospitals has fired several nurses and other staff for failing to report for their shifts during the district's heavy snowstorms caught me and other healthcare leaders by surprise. While the blizzard firings have strongly reminded nurses of WHC's expectations, I wonder about the long-term repercussions. [Read More]
March 9, 2010
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Hospitals Should Review Joint Commission Standards in Light of DC Nurse Firings
Following Blizzardgate, which I discuss in this week's column, my colleague Scott Wallask examines the Joint Commission implications. Scott wondered what The Joint Commission expects of hospitals and staff during an emergency in light of the firings of 15 nurses and six other essential personnel by Washington (DC) Hospital Center for failing to show up to work during snow storms. Joint Commission emergency management standard EM.02.02.07 comes into play with this situation. [Read More]
Do Family, Friends' Photos Trigger HIPAA Violations?
News that Martin Memorial Medical Center in Stuart, FL, disciplined several employees for taking cell phone pictures of the victim of a Feb. 3 shark attack who later died has generated a lot of interest on our HealthLeaders Media Web site. The Martin Memorial incident was a clear violation of HIPAA privacy laws. What happens, though, when the shutterbug is not an employee, but a relative or a friend of the patient or even someone walking through the emergency department who otherwise has no connection with the patient or the hospital? [Read More]
Nursing Initiative Looks to Better Understand Patients' Cultures
The American Nurses Association plans to launch a diversity awareness resource center this year to better serve the "full complexity of the U.S. population" in healthcare settings, ANA officials say. The resource center will give nurses the opportunity to ensure fair and equitable treatment of patients, particularly for individuals facing difficult health and financial issues, according to the ANA. [Read More]
Hospitals Debate the Pros, Cons of White Coats for Doctors
The physician's white coat can be a godsend to any indecisive dresser; the doctor has a set uniform each day, not giving it a second thought. However, the politics of the iconic white coat runs deep in most institutions' hierarchy and tradition. [Read More]
NurseLeaders Forum

Quality Challenges from Within
Many healthcare quality leaders see themselves as being proactive-taking steps quickly to save time, money, and patients' lives. Sometimes, though, they bump up against institutional or cultural roadblocks. In some cases, leadership support is lacking, and in some cases, the HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2010 shows, what is lacking is courage. [Read More]
Business Rx

Incorporating Legal Perspectives into Orientation
During nursing orientation, most organizations touch on legal concepts when talking about documentation, medication administration, and delegation. But most orientation programs do not allot specific time to legal issues in general as there is constant pressure to conduct orientation more efficiently and in less time. How can you introduce this additional information into an already crowded orientation schedule? One possibility is to develop a basic handout and include some scenarios for general discussion or self-study. [Read More]
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