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CEOs' View of Marketing: Cloudy with a Chance of Opportunity
Marianne Aiello, for HealthLeaders Media

CEOs need your help—they just don't know it yet. The results of the HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2010 show a disconnect between marketing-related initiatives hospital leaders plan to take on in coming years and their esteem (or lack thereof) for the marketing department. Lucky for you, the first step to solving a problem is learning about it. We've got you covered there. [Read More]
  February 17, 2010


Editor's Picks
As physicians flock to social media, risks arise
As social media use continues to expand?tripling in the past year, according to Nielsen?physicians, like everyone else, are getting in on the networking fun. But unlike everyone else, physician social media use can put them and their organizations at risk, according to American Medical News. Risks include security breaches and misuse of patient information. Online consults, which can increase patient satisfaction, also pose legal and ethical dangers. "Physicians are advised to be aware of the circumstances and restrictions under which such consults are both professionally acceptable and beneficial to the patient," the article states. It also uses a scene from "House" as an example, for all the fans of the TV show out there. [Read More]
Patient Safety Week to Emphasize Patient Engagement, Fun Activities
Patient engagement is going to be a highlighted during national Patient Safety Awareness Week, which will be observed from March 7 to 13. "The origin of the focus was really to provide a week not just for heightened awareness about patient safety, but very specifically a focus on the role of the patient and the consumer," Diane C. Pinakiewicz, president of the National Patient Safety Foundation, told HealthLeaders Media's Heather Comak. The organization has expanded the scope of the week this year by further focusing on the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. The article lists several patient safety awareness activities to help get patients and staff involved, including a poster board competition. Time to dig out the markers, glue, and scissors?after a scissor safety demonstration, of course. [Read More]
Minorities Need Improved Hospital Selection
Minority patients need more hospital options, according to a study published in the Archives of Surgery. Compared with white patients, "treatment at high-volume hospitals by high-volume surgeons was lower by 11.8 % for black patients; 8% for Asian patients, and 7% for Hispanic patients," wrote Andrew J. Epstein of Yale's School of Public Health, the lead author of the study, "Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Use of High-Volume Hospitals and Surgeons." The researchers concluded that quality care improvements are needed to assist minority patients in choosing hospitals and physicians because studies have shown the effectiveness of high-volume hospitals, reports HealthLeaders Media's Joe Cantlupe. This is a great reminder for marketers to continue to reach out to all patient populations?and in more ways than just translating ad copy to Spanish. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Low-budget Campaign Animates Community
This winter, Children's Hospital of Illinois at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center faced a dilemma that many hospital marketers have recently tackled: Its marketers wanted to launch a vibrant, influential campaign, but were struggling with a limited budget. However, thanks to a little resolve and resourcefulness, the Peoria, IL, children's hospital launched a campaign that has received accolades from organizations both in and outside of healthcare. [Read More]
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February 23: ED Overhaul: Reduce costs, improve quality, and increase satisfaction

March 31: Prove Marketing Results With Comparative Measurement

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2/28/10-3/2/10: Physician Strategies Summit, Scottsdale, AZ

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Beyond Meaningful Use
Technology can help the healthcare industry achieve better outcomes and cost savings, but only if providers incorporate decision-support tools and a coordinated approach to delivering care. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Imaging After the Recession
After freezing capital spending during the recession, hospitals are investing in imaging again. But reimbursement cuts and reform have changed the focus of the service line. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Social Marketing Helps Translate AHRQ Research Into Practice: The federal Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research has expanded its portfolio of work to include comparative effectiveness research and health information technology. Along with traditional and new media outreach, AHRQ uses social marketing techniques to identify and address the needs of targeted audiences, including clinicians, hospitals, pharmacists, healthcare purchasers, public policy decision-makers and patients. [Read More]
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AMA President J. James Rohack, MD, talks about the 2010 HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey and the pressures on physician decision-making. [Listen Now]
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