HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - February 3, 2010 | If You Could Tell the CEO One Thing About Marketing, What Would it Be?
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If You Could Tell the CEO One Thing About Marketing, What Would it Be?
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders Media

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Recently I've been looking through some back issues of HealthLeaders magazine. Many of the stories are about issues healthcare marketers are still grappling with today. I usually end my interviews with the same question: If you could tell CEOs one thing about the topic of this story, what would it be? From marketing your hospital's quality rankings to competing against big brand-name organizations to investing time and money in social media, here's some of the advice I've gathered over the years. [Read More]
  February 3, 2010


Editor's Picks
PR Tip for Docs: Remove All Instruments Before Closing Incision
Preventable medical errors are never a good thing for publicists or patients, but when a surgeon mistakenly leaves a knickknack somewhere they shouldn't it's a double whammy. Not only does it endanger the patient, but it can make for an especially interesting news story. Just type "surgeon forgets" or "left in patient" into your search engine of choice and you'll find a whole slew of news stories about tragically misplaced sponges, scalpels, and clamps. The problem has prompted California health officials to propose using $800,000 in administrative penalties collected from hospitals since 2007 for a collaborative project to study the problem, reports HealthLeaders Media's Cheryl Clark. In the mean time, it might not be a bad idea to go over your crisis PR plan. [Read More]
Employee Smoking Bans May Have Legal, Employee Relations Implications
Since Memorial Health in Chattanooga, TN, announced that it will stop hiring smokers beginning this month, legal analysts have been sounding off about the intrusion of companies into the rights of individuals. "This is not about smoking," said Lewis Maltby, who is president and founder of the Princeton, NJ-based National Work Rights Institute, in this HealthLeaders Media article. "This is about employers telling you what to do in your own home to cut down on the company's medical bill." But has anyone thought about what this type of policy will do for employee morale, especially among current smoking employees? [Read More]
An iPad Takeaway for Marketers: Names matter
When the Apple iPad was unveiled last week, the blogosphere erupted with chatter—not about the device itself—but about its name. Some speculated that there must have been no women on the naming panel while others suggested Apple was just trying to show they're human and can make mistakes, too. Regardless, the buzz should remind marketers that you can't just slap any old name on a great product and expect people to see past it. Remember that when you're working on your next tagline, press release, or billboard. And if you can get past the iffy name, HealthLeaders Media's Joe Cantlupe's article on how the iPad may affect healthcare is worth a read. [Read More]
Live ED Overhaul Webcast on February 23
Join HealthLeaders Media on February 23 for HealthLeaders Media Rounds: ED Overhaul: Reduce costs, improve quality, and increase satisfaction from 9 a.m.-noon, PST. This three-hour Webcast features discussion—including interactive Q&A—of the key issues impacting ED management. Hear top executives from Scripps Health, Tomball Regional Hospital, William Beaumont Hospital, and Methodist Healthcare share solutions to: crowding and wait times, streamlining the admission process, ED and hospital integration, staffing plans that reduce costs and increase coverage during peak hours, physician alignment, and quality and patient safety improvement. For more information and to register click here. To attend the program live on the Scripps La Jolla campus, click here.
Campaign Spotlight
Online Recruitment Campaign Emphasizes Family Atmosphere
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Marketers at Pitt County (NC) Memorial Hospital (PCMH) quickly realized that the organization's consumer marketing branding campaign did not resonate with the employees they were trying to recruit. Focus groups told them that the consumer campaign's tagline, "a hospital system that your entire family will use," didn't sell them on working at PCMH. Marketers decided to transition the consumer campaign message to a more recruitment-oriented one by stressing that PCMH employees reap the benefits of having an extended work family. [Read More]
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February 23: ED Overhaul: Reduce costs, improve quality, and increase satisfaction

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2/28/10-3/2/10: Physician Strategies Summit, Scottsdale, AZ

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Five Strategies that Prove Healthcare is Still a Growth Industry
Here is a review of growth opportunities that will increase revenue, decrease costs, or enhance services in the areas of leadership, finance, physicians, technology, health plans, quality, and outcomes. [Read More]
Service Line Management
The Sports Center
Famous athletes and big sports programs may be the public face of sports medicine, but at its core are local communities and, increasingly, the unconventional athlete. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Medical Center Uses Web Questions to Connect Experts with Patients: Sixty-one percent of American adults look online for health information, according to a 2009 report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The office of communications and public affairs at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore has taken an innovative approach to the familiar "Ask the Expert" tool that is considerably different from that of most hospitals. In 2009 UMMC received nearly 9,000 questions from site visitors worldwide. [Read More]
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Jim Orchison, director of network design and programs for Blue Shield of California, talks about the insurer's new Patient Ally portal. [Listen Now]
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