HealthLeaders Media NursingLeaders - December 29, 2009 | Focus Returns to Nurse Retention in 2010
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Focus Returns to Nurse Retention in 2010
Rebecca Hendren, Editor
In 2009, organizations saw their turnover plummet and their vacancy rates look healthier than they had in years, so they eased up on recruitment and retention efforts. But 2010 looks set to bring back the twin issues that have plagued nursing for the last few years: RN shortages and turnover. [Read More]
Dec. 29, 2009
Editor's Picks

10 Issues that Congress will Need to Resolve in Final Reform Bill
The Senate finally passed the healthcare reform bill on Christmas Eve, but a long and complicated process lies ahead as Congress attempts to reconcile the versions that were approved by each chamber. Here's a look at 10 issues that need to be resolved in the final piece of legislation. [Read More]
Top 10 Issues Facing Healthcare in 2010
Some might say that there's no juice left to squeeze from the cost of providing care, but a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute says health leaders are going to have to try. The report lists 10 issues of concern for health providers—including insurers, hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies, and even community groups and municipalities. [Read More]
Commentary: Recognizing Patient Spirituality Could Improve Quality of Care
My colleague Janice Simmons discusses how addressing patients' spiritual needs as part of their care often makes caregivers feel that it is out of place or inappropriate. However, two new studies find that recognizing patient spirituality may be an important part of providing quality care. [Read More]
Top 10 Articles from HealthLeaders Media in 2009
It's the end of the year, signified by an abundance of top 10 lists as everyone seeks to examine what 2009 meant and portend what 2010 will bring. This year has been an eventful one for healthcare as the nation's attention has focused on the problems with the current system and possible ways to improve the quality of care, lower costs, and insure more Americans. Here are our top 10 articles of 2009. [Read More]
Success Story: Sisters of Mercy Health
Learn how the Sisters of Mercy implemented changes to improve service quality through IBM Service Management solutions. These solutions facilitate a business process transformation that fosters a culture of productivity and continuous improvement. Download the free copy of Success Story: Sisters of Mercy Health. (This headline is sponsored by IBM.) [Read More]

NurseLeaders Forum

Developing an Effective Nurse Residency Program
Part two of a discussion about the effectiveness of nurse residency programs, contributed by Vicky Goeddeke, RN, MS, CEN, CPEN, the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® and nursing excellence manager at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL. She examines how to structure a program that helps new graduate nurses overcome the challenges of being a new nurse and become successful, competent practitioners. [Read More]

Business Rx

Virtual Medical Center Helps New Grad Nurses Increase Confidence
Banner Health Systems recently turned an unused building into a state-of-the-art simulation center that realistically replicates an actual hospital. This allows the health system to incorporate simulation into new nurse orientation and completely individualize training for each nurse's needs. [Read More]

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Joint Commission Releases Interim Staffing Effectiveness Standards
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Ohio Hospital Program Increases Interaction Between Nurses, Patients
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Hospital Leaders: How to Add Value to Healthcare
Jim Molpus, for HealthLeaders Media - December 17, 2009

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