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Six Predictions for Healthcare Strategy in 2010
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Leadership

Will Tiger Woods come back to golf? Will his wife come back to him? Is Michael Jackson still alive and in seclusion? Will Elvis pick 2010 to reveal where he's been hiding for 33 years? Yes, it's that time of the year again. The tabloids are making predictions for the year ahead, and I'm joining that party. Here are six areas that will dramatically change the business of healthcare in 2010.
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  December 18, 2009

Editor's Picks
Hospital Leaders: How to Add Value to Healthcare
The current relationship between hospitals and physicians has been built around rewarding for volume of services and not quality. That model is breaking down as reformers in Washington have hospital and physician inefficiency in their sights, with Medicare pushing toward value-based purchasing and experimenting with a payment system that rewards a system of coordinated care. In this HealthLeaders Media Breakthroughs report that you can download for free, four leading hospital systems—Gundersen Lutheran Health System, Sanford Health-MeritCare, SSM Health Care, and Virginia Mason Medical Center—share the lessons they have learned about adding quality to healthcare. [Read More]
How a Small Oklahoma Town Reduced Costs Through Patient Literacy
Kudos to my colleague Cheryl Clark for this informative enterprise story about how a small Oklahoma town educated its covered workforce to help shave healthcare costs. As opaque as navigating the healthcare system is to those of us who cover the industry, imagine how difficult it is to understand the crazy web of interrelated parts and interests that make the system opaque for the everyday healthcare consumer. As the city of Duncan found out, it is difficult but far from impossible. [Read More]
Doctor-owned Hospitals Worried Reform Will Cripple Them
Some would call the provisions in health reform pertaining to physician-owned hospitals a needed step. Some would say it's gutting those hospitals and dragging their value to zero. The truth is somewhere in between. But as my colleague Cheryl Clark found out by reporting this story, there's not much middle ground. Ample evidence suggests these doctors "cream" the best-paying and most well patients for their hospitals while shunting the lower-paying and sicker patients to other hospitals. There's also evidence that hospitals often operate monopolistically where they have no fear of competition. But this isn't about what's best for patients, it's about who can get the legislators on their side. [Read More]
Senate Health Reform Vote May Not Happen Until After Christmas
Healthcare reform came to a standstill on the 17th day of Senate floor debate with the request by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) to read out Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) 767-page amendment supporting a single-payer system. The reading could create a series of procedural hurdles to keep Democrats from passing the reform bill before Christmas. While Sanders later withdrew the amendment, which stopped the reading, the action's impact on Democrats was palpable. And a special note to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), although he's far from the only one who does this: Can we please stop with the sound bites that make it clear how stupid many legislators think we all are? [Read More]
Happy Holidays!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, happy holidays. HealthLeaders Media Corner Office will not publish next week, but will be back with a new issue December 31.
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