HealthLeaders Media NursingLeaders - December 15, 2009 | Union: Healthy Environments, Better Orientation Can Solve Temp Nurse Issue
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Union: Healthy Environments, Better Orientation Can Solve Temp Nurse Issue
Rebecca Hendren, Editor
I talked recently with Jean Ross and Deborah Burger, two of the three co-presidents of the newly-consolidated National Nurses United union. They say temporary agencies can be a blessing for hospitals occasionally, but that the only way for hospitals to really solve the issue of being staffed with competent RNs is to focus on ensuring a stable, long-term workforce that is committed to the organization, their coworkers, and their patients. [Read More]
Dec. 15, 2009
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20 People Who Make Healthcare Better
Last week, HealthLeaders Media released its annual list of 20 people making a difference in healthcare, and this year's list is as eye-opening and inspirational as ever. I'm also lucky enough to personally know one of recipients, Barbara "BJ" Hannon, a nurse whose commitment to recognizing and celebrating nursing excellence has inspired hospitals across the Midwest and further afield. It's worth a read to see why Hannon is on the list, and to find out what the other 19 honorees are doing to make a difference for the good of healthcare. [Read More]
Countdown on the Senate Reform Bill: Is the Finish Line Close?
On Monday, my colleague Janice Simmons looked at what happened to the healthcare bill before the Senate during the last few days. Over the weekend, the Senate sat in a waiting pattern for healthcare reform—waiting for the Congressional Budget Office to complete a scoring of what several alternate proposals to the public insurance option will cost. If the numbers are there with the plans—showing no increase in deficit spending—will Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) insist on pushing ahead quickly to meet a deadline of passing a reform bill before Christmas? [Read More]
Patient Knowledge of Their Meds Woeful, Says Study
In what will likely come as no surprise to nurses practicing at the bedside, a new study shows that patients are confused and unaware about the medications they are taking. Nearly half of hospital patients thought they were receiving a medication they were not, and 96% were unable to recall the name of at least one medication that they had been prescribed during their hospitalization. Researchers from the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine assessed patient awareness of their in-hospital medications and surveyed attitudes toward increased patient knowledge of hospital medications. [Read More]
Providers Should Get Used To Hand Hygiene Demands
Every week, it seems, there's another story about a creative way to promote self-disinfection. Now the federal government is getting more involved with a video that urges hospital patients and their visitors to make sure they witness doctors and nurses—and anybody else who touches them—washing their hands at the bedside. [Read More]
Happy Holidays!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, happy holidays. HealthLeaders Media NursingLeaders will not publish next week, but will be back with a new issue December 29.

NurseLeaders Forum

Try Simulation Training to Improve Teamwork, Collaboration, and Patient Safety
Contributor Mary Holtschneider, RN, BSN, BC, MPA, NREMT-P, director of nursing practice and education for the North Carolina Nurses Association in Raleigh, discusses how various forms of simulation can be used to teach clinical and teamwork. [Read More]

Business Rx

What the ANA's New Professional Development Scope and Standards Mean for Nursing Staff
In March 2008, a task force was formed to review and revise the American Nurses Association's Professional Development Scope and Standards of Practice. This document establishes the range of practice and the principles by which nursing staff development professionals conduct their professional lives. [Read More]

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