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Can Congress Legislate Quality?
Janice Simmons, Senior Editor
If I had a dollar for each time the word "quality" was mentioned during the current healthcare reform debate on Capitol Hill, I might have enough money to fund healthcare reform. But while quality in healthcare is important, its viability, along with cost containment and value, have been pushed to the background in light of other issues—until this week. [Read More]
Dec. 10, 2009
Editor's Picks

20 People Who Make Healthcare Better
Check out our 2009 HealthLeaders 20, our annual profile of 20 people who make healthcare better. This year's list runs the gamut, and includes renowned inventor Dean Kamen, healthcare-technology advocate Daniel Sands, MD, and former health insurance executive Wendell Potter, to name just a few. See who the staff at HealthLeaders Media think have made a positive impact on healthcare in the past year. [Read More]

CDC Video Urges Patients to Insist They Witness Provider Hand Washing
A CDC video now being shown to hospitalized patients and visitors urges them to insist they witness providers wash their hands by the bedside, even if the doctor or nurse says he or she already washed up just before entering the room. [Read More]

Report Finds Significant Geographic Quality Differences in Medicare Advantage Plans
Though nearly one-quarter of Medicare Advantage enrollees are in health plans with four or more stars, beneficiaries in many states don't have that luxury. Kaiser Family Foundation has reported that less than 2% of beneficiaries in 25 states are in highly rated plans, while more than half of Medicare Advantage enrollees in other states—Massachusetts, Oregon, and Hawaii—are in highly rated plans. [Read More]

Eight Ways to Prepare Staff, Educate Patients About Mammography Recommendations
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force's controversial mammography recommendations that were issued last month have already affected some Florida facilities. After concerned women asked to cancel their appointments, receptionists successfully convinced some of the women to keep their appointments, though some still cancelled their screenings, says Andrea Harley, RT(R)(M), mammography consultant with ABCs of Digital Mammography, LLC, in Fort Myers, FL. [Read More]

Use Medical Staff Membership to Integrate, Not Separate, Satellite Clinics
Facilities that are looking for a way to achieve a closer bond between hospital-based practitioners and their peers who work at satellite clinics should work with medical staff leaders to extend medical staff membership and hospital privileges to clinic practitioners. Although medical staff membership is separate from clinical privileges, linking the two together can result in a medical staff with greater dedication to the organization. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines
South Jersey Program Seeks to Reduce Readmissions, Improve Quality
Ben Cole, for HealthLeaders Media – December 10, 2009

Philadelphia hospital where man died faces heavy volume
Philadelphia Inquirer – December 10, 2009

Patient Knowledge of Their Meds Woeful, Says Study
John Commins, for HealthLeaders Media – December 10, 2009

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20 People Who Make Healthcare Better
The very essence of healthcare is to make a difference for good. In our annual HealthLeaders 20, we offer profiles of some who are doing just that. [Read More]  

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Emerging Service Lines
Hospitals that lead the way in emerging service lines may find themselves positioned to be market leaders in the future. Here's a look at which services are emerging and why. [Read More]

Leaders Forum
Providing Quality Healthcare in a Values-Driven Culture: While healthcare has not been hit as hard by the economic downtown as some market niches, our industry has not escaped completely and there have been job cuts. Whether from inside the industry or due to career changes from other disciplines, in this bad economy we have the chance to find good people and bring them onto our teams. [Read More]
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An interview with Dr. John Kenagy, a physician, healthcare executive, scholar, and advisor, who was once described by Forbes magazine as "The Man Who Would Save Healthcare." [Listen Now]
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