HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - December 9, 2009 | Four Ways to Make Patient Experience Stick
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Four Ways to Make Patient Experience Stick
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

It's often said but eminently true: The fastest way to scuttle a program is to give your employees the impression that it's a fad that will inevitably fade from favor with the next change in the weather—or the C-suite. And even though patient experience is a top priority at many organizations right now, that "right now" qualifier could signal trouble. I recently sat down with a panel of experts who shared their best tactics not only for making patient experience a priority—but making sure it sticks. [Read More]
  December 9, 2009


Editor's Picks
Mayo Clinic's Aase on the future of healthcare brands
In this Q&A interview, Lee Aase, manager of syndication and social media for Mayo Clinic, talks about which healthcare brands will thrive in the future (those that are "trusty and transparent"), how social media has effected the way Mayo does business (more in-depth information and improved communications), and the top lessons he's learned ("Don't let strategy become an excuse for inaction"). [Read More]
2010: Another tough year for U.S. ad market
Good news for the global advertising market: After declines in 2009, it will stabilize next year, according to this Wall Street Journal article (paid subscription required). Bad news for the U.S.: It will take longer for established markets to catch up. Interpublic Group media agency Magna predicts that U.S. ad revenues will grow just 0.2% to $162.7 billion and reach low-single-digit growth rates by 2012. [Read More]
Retail partnerships for fundraising
Teaming up with retailers is a good way for hospitals to raise money. Recently, computer retailer HP launched such a program. It will donate 4% of total product purchases at its Direct Store to support a range of charities, including healthcare support. Charities include the American Red Cross and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Seems like good news to me for both HP and the charities. Have you reached out to retailers in your neighborhood or online to see if they're open to similar cross-promotion programs? [Read More]
Are your employees leaking your brand?
Say someone at your organization decides to edit an entry on Wikipedia during his or her coffee break. Hopefully, they're adding a stat about your healthcare organization or writing about results of a clinical trial on a page about cancer, for example. But at Lockheed Martin, employees have updated pages about sports, celebrities, and television shows such as Beavis and Butt-Head and Jackass. Yikes. According to this MarketingProfs article, a monitoring program called WikiWatcher predicts 86% of the Fortune 100 companies have had employees edit Wikipedia entries using the organization's network—and most of the entries have nothing to do with the corporation. "All types of organizations—from Fortune 100 to mom-and-pop operations—are susceptible to negative exposure each time an employee surfs the Web using company equipment," according to the article, which also offers tips on how to prevent "brand leaking." [Read More]
Physician: Healthcare ads worse than Billy Mays'
Healthcare ads have often been accused of being bland, serious, and tech laden—swirling together to form the shade of taupe that covers many a hospital wall. But comparing them to Billy Mays, the late TV product hawker whose voice was more abrasive than the OxiClean he peddled, is just plain below the belt. However Knoxville, TN, doctor Jonathan W. Sowell goes there in a Knoxville News letter to the editor. "Most annoying among these shills are the local hospitals that tout their individual superiority over the others," he writes. "If they all are to be believed, they then are not unlike the youth of Garrison Keillor's fictitious Lake Woebegone, 'where all the children are above average.'" Someone needs to show Sowell an innovative healthcare ad. Stat. But first, browse the letter's 32 (and counting) comments—they're worth a read, if only for pure entertainment value. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
This Just In: TV News Spot Increases Volume
Click to watch video.
If you ever happen to be watching the local news on a Wednesday evening in the Atlanta suburbs, keep an eye out for Southern Regional Health System's "Healthbreak." The 90-second spot isn't a commercial?it's a sponsored educational health news piece featuring physicians from the Riverdale, GA, health system that blends seamlessly with the newscast. The "Healthbreak" spots are supported by a Facebook page, which has 97 fans, and a YouTube channel, which has more than 1,400 channel views. The four-facility health system launched the campaign in May and plans to run it for one year. SRHS uses MBC & Associates to produce the spots. [Read More]
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