HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - November 11, 2009
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Tell Your Trustees Real Stories of Patient Harm
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
I've heard many complaints from physician leaders over the years that data on outcomes and adverse events just weren't on their trustees' radar. But with so much emphasis on quality and pay for performance, shouldn't this board culture be changing? [Read More]
November 11, 2009
Editor's Picks

Surgeons Give Six Reasons Why Senate Reform Plan Will Worsen Care
The American College of Surgeons teamed up with 19 surgical specialty groups who are the backbone of hospital lines of service to blast the current Senate health reform plan. They say it penalizes pay, and they worry about the proposed creation of an independent Medicare panel that would determine what operations would be reimbursable. [Read More]

Healthcare Reform in the Senate: Three Areas that Will Need to Be Addressed
My colleague in Washington, Janice Simmons, explores the big-ticket issues Senate issues will be wrestling. The public option, the "Cadillac" plan tax, and the poverty threshold for Medicaid eligibility are the big three that bear watching. [Read More]

Raking In Rebound: 80% of Hospitals in the Black
Our senior editor for finance, Karen Minich-Pourshadi, gives her interesting perspective on the good news that hospitals may be starting to pull out of their economic black hole. But, she warns, hospitals shouldn't celebrate springtime, because winter may be around the corner. [Read More]

HHS Will Spend $9 Million on Tracking ASC Infection Rates
With septicemia accounting for the highest percentage of inpatient deaths, little attention has been paid to infections in ambulatory surgical centers. Help is on the way with federal money and federal teams set to track infections in 1,300 centers in 43 states. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

Utilizing Clinical Integration to Foster Successful Hospital Operations Improvement
Don't use impending healthcare reform and the uncertainties surrounding it as an excuse not to enact necessary clinical integration strategies that will improve operations regardless of how legislative healthcare reform eventually plays out. While considerable uncertainty still exists surrounding the details of healthcare reform, certain consequences of reform are so likely that hospitals need to address them. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Layoffs, closures at Miami-based Jackson Health System
Miami Herald ? November 10, 2009
Opt-out proposal puts state leaders to the test
New York Times ? November 11, 2009
Many in Washington, DC, area's affluent suburbs lack medical coverage
Washington Post ? November 9, 2009
The medical industry grumbles, but it stands to gain
New York Times ? November 9, 2009

Webcasts/Audio Conferences

Women's Health: Building a More Profitable Service Line With Existing Assets (December 17)
Marketing Cardiology: Service Line Strategies for Marketers (December 3)
Service Lines Strategies Workshop 2009: Stroke Care (November 17)

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Putting nurses back at the bedside:
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Care Team Architecture
Creativity and flexibility count, sure. But underlying the successful care team design is a foundation of essential and lasting values. [Read More]
Service Line Management
State of Emergency
The nation's emergency departments are feeling the effects of the economic downturn, but innovations in patient throughput and other strategies offer hope for a beleaguered system. [Read More]
Audio Feature
Reform is Missing the Boat on Transparency: John Bardis, CEO of MedAssets, a healthcare supply chain and revenue cycle management company, discusses his crusade against the lack of transparency in durable medical devices. [Listen Now]
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