HealthLeaders Media HR - October 19, 2009 | Bully Bosses Fueled By Insecurity
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Bully Bosses Fueled By Insecurity
John Commins, for HealthLeaders Media

For a time, I believed the boss from hell was best personified by Miranda Priestly, the omnipotent, dictatorial fashion magazine editor played by Meryl Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. A new study out of California, however, suggests that a better role model might be Michael Scott, the insecure and aggressively incompetent bully boss played by Steve Carell in the TV show The Office. The study found that insecure bosses are more likely to project their self-perceived incompetence onto subordinates through abusive behavior in the form of yelling, belittling or embarrassing remarks, unwarranted disciplinary action, and other undeserved punishment. [Read More]
  October 19, 2009

Editor's Picks
Raise the caution flag on wellness programs
Regular readers know I am all for wellness programs. I don't believe any form of healthcare reform will work unless the American public—all of us—take personal responsibility for our own health. That includes losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, and adhering to medical treatment for chronic diseases. Financial incentives should be part of the picture. After all, taxes on cigarettes and alcohol are high, not just to discourage use, but to pay for some of the ill-affects of those vices on the people who chose not to drink in excess or smoke. Reckless drivers pay higher premiums for auto insurance. Homeowners in Malibu pay more for property insurance than those in Little Rock. It's all about covering risk. BUT! I can easily see the wellness movement as a vehicle for abuse. Health advocates are correct in raising a caution flag. Where do we draw the line? What if we have an overweight/obese worker who tries in good conscience to lose weight but who doesn't make his or her target? Are they fired? Are their premiums hiked to a point past affordability? The less-affluent are also more likely to suffer from the chronic health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Does that mean we jack their premiums so high they have no choice but to drop their coverage? That's simply another method of cherry picking. A balance has to be struck. I believe it can be. [Read More]
Docs sue California for raiding licensing fees
My colleague Cheryl Clark provides an excellent example of short-term thinking in the Golden State. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is illegally exacerbating an "imminent crisis in healthcare" because forced worker furloughs are delaying the state Medical Board's approval of applications from 7,200 new doctors, says a lawsuit filed by the California Medical Association. Most of the doctors are fresh out of residency training and ready to go. "By raiding the special fund that supports the Medical Board, and by imposing debilitating furloughs on its staff, the state is obstructing the Medical Board from ensuring that more duly licensed physicians can deliver healthcare to Californians," according to the CMA lawsuit. The documents were filed last Wednesday in San Francisco Superior Court. The applications, the lawsuit claims, are "mired in the backlog." In fairness to The Terminator, I'm sure Schwarzenegger is not happy about any of this. California is in desperate straits. However, cannibalizing one function of state government to fix another is not really even a short-term fix. It's just creating two holes instead of one, and each will be that much harder to fill next year, and beyond. [Read More]
Five ways to build the talent of the future
My colleague Elyas Bakhtiari, fresh from the HealthLeaders Media '09 conference in Chicago, offers a tight, five-point synopsis for how to find and develop the leaders of tomorrow that includes defining your values, welding training to mission, binding recruiting and retention, identifying true leaders, and walking the talk. Read this. It makes a lot of sense. [Read More]
Reminder: Check out our new Nursing Leadership pillar
Rebecca Hendren has been doing a good job framing the pressing issues that nurses face these days. Her most recent column shows how nurses rising up against mandatory H1N1 flu shots raises some interesting civil liberties questions. [Read More]
Executives on the Move
OMAHA: Alegent CEO Wayne Sensor Resigns
Wayne Sensor, president/CEO of nonprofit Alegent Health, the largest integrated healthcare system in the Nebraska and Iowa region, has resigned, effective immediately. In a four-paragraph announcement, Alegent Health said its board has asked Richard A. Hachter II to return as interim president/CEO. Hachter served as Alegent's president from its creation in 1996 until his retirement in April. The statement did not explain why Sensor resigned. However, it credited his leadership to the organization receiving the top rank in quality and patient satisfaction by the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement. [Read More]

MIAMI: Parsons named CEO for Baptist Health South Florida Foundation
Stephen J. Parsons has been named CEO for the Baptist Health South Florida Foundation. The foundation oversees fundraising activities for Baptist Health, the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization in the region. It includes Baptist Hospital, Baptist Children's Hospital, South Miami Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Homestead Hospital, Mariners Hospital, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, and Baptist Outpatient Services. A certified fundraising executive, Parsons joined the Baptist Health Foundation in 1997. He was named vice president and chief development officer for the Foundation in 2004, with responsibility for overall fundraising and major gifts, the Corporate Partners program, and the Founders Society. Before joining Baptist Health, he was chief development officer at the American Red Cross of Greater Miami and the Keys. [Read More]

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN: Nicollett board elects Abelson new CEO
Park Nicollet Health Services' Board of Directors has elected David Abelson, MD, as Park Nicollet's new CEO, effective Jan. 1. Abelson will continue to serve as Park Nicollet's president. Park Nicollet's current CEO, David Wessner, announced his plans to retire from Park Nicollet in June 2009, effective on Dec. 31. [Read More]

BOSTON: Goertz elected president of AAFP
Roland A. Goertz, MD, a family physician in Waco, TX, has been chosen president-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Previously, he served three years as a member of the AAFP Board of Directors. The AAFP represents more than 94,600 physicians and medical students nationwide. Goertz was elected to the position by the Congress of Delegates, the AAFP's governing body, during the organization's annual meeting. [Read More]

GAINESVILLE, FL: Okunieff named director of UF Shands Cancer Center
Paul Okunieff, MD, has been named director of the University of Florida Shands Cancer Center and chairman of the UF College of Medicine department of radiation oncology, effective Dec. 1. Okunieff is currently the Philip Rubin professor in radiation oncology and chair of the department of radiation oncology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. He also is director of the University's Robert A. Flavin Radiosurgery Center. Prior to his appointment at Rochester in 1998, Okunieff served as branch chief of radiation oncology at the National Cancer Institute, overseeing clinical-translational research for the intramural NCI program. [Read More]

ST. JOSEPH, MI: Hamel takes charge at Lakeland HealthCare
Loren Hamel has been named president/CEO of Lakeland HealthCare. He succeeds longtime Lakeland HealthCare President/CEO Joe Wasserman, whose retirement after 25 years follows a lengthy succession process put in place six years ago. A former family physician who has been with Lakeland HealthCare since 1999, Hamel has worked alongside Wasserman for a year. [Read More]

TALLAHASSEE, FL: Benson resigns at AHCA secretary
Holly Benson, secretary of Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration, is resigning effective Oct. 28. An interim leader of the state's chief health policy and planning entity has not yet been named. The agency oversees the state's $16 billion Medicaid program, the licensure of the state's 36,000 healthcare facilities, and the sharing of healthcare data through the Florida Center for Health Information and Policy Analysis. In a resignation letter to Gov. Charlie Crist on Oct. 14, Benson said the new direction she is heading in requires her departure from the agency. She did not specifically indicate her future plans. Benson was appointed by Crist to lead the health policy agency in February 2008. Prior to that, she served as secretary of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. [Read More]

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