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Building a Successful
Medical Home
Janice Simmons, Senior Editor
In the great debate over healthcare reform on Capitol Hill, one issue that intrigues legislators is the idea of a patient-centered medical home. New models are being tried out across the country, but one organization revealed what the costs and benefits are to implement this model through a one-year pilot project. [Read More]
Sept. 10, 2009
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Medicare Spent $1.8 Billion for Improperly Filed Nursing Home Care
Medicare spent $1.8 billion in 2006 on hospice services for nursing home patients who did not meet requirements for that category of care, according to a new report from the Office of Inspector General. In fact, 82% of hospice service claims for beneficiaries in nursing facilities did not meet at least one Medicare coverage requirement for that level of care. [Read More]

Older Americans Concerned There Aren't Enough Physicians, Nurses for Future Healthcare Needs
More than half (55%) of individuals age 50 or older who were questioned in a new survey conducted a few days ago by AARP, the American Medical Association, and the American Nurses Association do not think enough physicians or nurses will be available to support their healthcare needs in the future. [Read More]

New Nursing Programs Geared Toward Preparing and Retaining Nurses
Studies show that up to 60% of new nurse graduates leave their first job within their first year, and many hospitals are focusing on ways to help new nurses through the difficult transition from nursing school to novice nurse to competent, confident practitioner. Rapid City (SD) Regional Hospital is one such facility looking to help its new grads succeed and remain with the organization. [Read More]

Two Ways to Protect Healthcare Workers from H1N1
Protecting healthcare workers against transmission of H1N1 is a primary concern in healthcare settings, but existing evidence suggests that medical masks may not be effective, in part because many healthcare workers either don't use them or use those that aren't fitted properly to their faces. Because of that concern, an Institute of Medicine committee has issued two recommendations on protecting workers in healthcare settings against this new influenza strain. [Read More]
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12 More Hospitals Fined For Putting Patients In Immediate Jeopardy
Cheryl Clark, for HealthLeaders Media - September 4, 2009

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Improve the total patient experience with hospital digital signage, Vericom.
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Hang On
Get ready for the failure of the HIT stimulus dream, episode of care contracting, the end of easy credit, and a public plan. [Read More]  

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Making Wellness Work
Wellness and weight loss programs aren't major revenue generators, but healthcare reformers know they cannot effectively control costs without focusing more on prevention. [Read More]

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Seven Strategies to Solve Healthcare's Cost Problem: As the White House and Congress pursue comprehensive healthcare reform, one fact remains clear: The status quo is unsustainable and the growth of healthcare spending must be slowed. [Read More]
Audio Feature
Claire Miley, a member of the healthcare practice of Bass, Berry & Sims law firm in Nashville, TN, says it's still too early for any technology vendor to say their products will meet the federal certification requirements for electronic health record systems under the HITECH Act. Providers should pay close attention to the preliminary certification requirements that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services should be unveiling this fall to gauge whether their vendor's products will be certified, she says. [Listen Now]

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