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The Right to Employ Physicians
Elyas Bakhtiari, Managing Editor

In July 1868, as the United States was reconstructing and reuniting after being torn apart by civil war, the nation came together to enshrine in a constitutional amendment the right of employment for every physician in the country. Ok, that may not have been the original intent, but some California physicians are using the 14th Amendment to argue that the state's Medical Practice Act, which bans hospitals from employing doctors, is unconstitutional. [Read More]
  September 10, 2009

Editor's Picks
Obama backs tort reform
To the delight of many physicians and other healthcare professionals, President Obama offered tort reform as a bargaining chip in his speech to Congress last night. I wrote last week about the potential for medical liability reform to keep bipartisan compromise on healthcare reform within reach. It's looking like there will be very little Republican support the way reform is progressing, but it is still an important issue to tackle for many providers. I doubt we'll see caps on damages—more than half the country already has those at the state level anyway—but there are many new, creative approaches to both improving patient safety and settling disputes. [Read More]
Retail clinics expand to complex illnesses
Retail health clinics are adding treatments for chronic diseases—such as injections and infusions for asthma and osteoporosis—to their repertoire, hoping to find steadier revenue but putting the clinics into greater competition with doctors' groups and hospitals. Is this a slippery slope toward greater expansion of retail care? Will these clinics stop with asthma and osteoporosis or keep expanding the scope of services until they are competing directly with physicians? [Read More]
Legal case highlights physician recruiting challenges
This is an interesting case that highlights the flaws in a system that is supposed to help hospitals when recruiting physicians by increasing transparency and holding disruptive doctors accountable. When it comes to reporting a physician to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), hospitals can sometimes find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Hospitals are obligated under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act to report physicians whose privileges have been denied or revoked under certain circumstances, but in doing so, they run the risk of being sued by those same physicians. [Read More]
Should you "friend" your patients?
CNN has an interesting article about whether patients should connect with their physicians via social networking sites, but it's also an interesting question to consider from the physician's perspective. It can be a simple way to communicate with patients and build loyalty to the practice. On the other hand, it's important to protect the privacy of both the patient and the physician. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? These are uncharted waters for the most part, and I would be interested in hearing from physicians who are actively using online social networking to connect with patients. [Read More]
Business Rx
Generation Gaps on the Medical Staff May Affect Physician Recruitment
Medical staffs today consist of a blend of four generations, and each brings with it a different work ethic, mode of communication, and definitions of professionalism and loyalty. If you're unaware of these generational differences or don't accept that they are sitting on your doorstep, they could stymie your recruitment efforts. [Read More]
Physician News
Nine Health Leaders Respond to Obama's Health Reform Speech
Les Masterson, for HealthLeaders Media - September 10, 2009
Older Americans Concerned There Aren't Enough Physicians, Nurses for Future Healthcare Needs
Janice Simmons, for HealthLeaders Media - September 9, 2009
Data fuel regional fight on Medicare spending
New York Times- September 8, 2009
Texas has too few primary care physicians, groups say
AP/Dallas Morning News - September 8, 2009

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Get ready for the failure of the HIT stimulus dream, episode of care contracting, the end of easy credit, and a public plan. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Making Wellness Work
Wellness and weight loss programs aren't major revenue generators, but healthcare reformers know they cannot effectively control costs without focusing more on prevention. [Read More]
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Reduce Healthcare Costs by Concentrating on Prevention and Lifestyle: Contributor Charles Hux, MD, argues that concentrating on wellness and prevention will be more effective than a public plan in reducing healthcare costs. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Setting the Bar: Steve Arnold, MD, chair of the HIMSS Physician Community, talks about the progress being made toward a definition of "meaningful use" and whether it will set the bar at the right level for physician EHR adoption. [Listen Now]
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