HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - September 2, 2009 | Challenges to Marketing New Patient-Centered Technologies Ahead
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Challenges to Marketing New Patient-Centered Technologies Ahead
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Kaiser Permanente's latest "Thrive" campaign ads are just as visually stunning as the others in the series. One of the two new ads, released yesterday, focuses on technology and innovation in general, and electronic health records in particular. I'm not sure, though, that the general public understands EHRs—much less makes healthcare decisions based on their availability. And I'm not sure that in this case, the message about their benefits to the patient is effective. [Read More]
  September 2, 2009

Editor's Picks
Collaborative branding a growing trend in cancer care
Coming soon to Saint Anne's Hospital in Fall River, MA: Oncology care branded with the diagnostic expertise, clinical trial variety, and options for chemotherapy of the prestigious Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, which is 51 miles away. And the collaboration between the two has led to one of the best quotes of the week: "You've seen the signs that say, 'Starbucks Coffee Served Here?' Well, this is Saint Anne's saying 'Dana-Farber served here,'" Marc Bard, MD, a healthcare consultant familiar with the arrangement, told my colleague, HealthLeaders Media senior editor Cheryl Clark. [Read More]
Pfizer VP unsure of healthcare's place on Twitter
Pfizer is struggling to find its role on Twitter because of the lack of federal guidelines, according to AdAge. "There actually are no guidelines of what we can and cannot do in social media, and that's a problem," Ray Kerins, Pfizer's vice president of worldwide communications, said at the Social Communications & Healthcare conference. "Twitter for us is an opportunity. I consider it a news feed—it's as big as a news wire as far as I'm concerned. We recently launched our page, but we're doing it carefully." To be sure it's not violating any regulations, Pfizer tweets only publicly disseminated information and links to other Web sites, Kerins said. "We may never have Twitter pages for products without proper guidance," he said. "I don't want to stand up here and pretend like we're doing everything right because we're probably not. I just ask everyone following us to be patient with us because we are listening and we're going to try and do it right." [Read More]
Average Twitter user: young, female, and quiet
The majority of Twitter users are young, female, and tweet less than once per day, according to Sysomos' "An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World." More than half (53%) of all Twitter users are women and about two-thirds (66%) are under age 25. Another 15% are aged 25-29. Most users are quiet, with 85.4% tweeting less than once per day. Just 1.1% of users update their timeline more than 10 times daily. A mere 5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all Twitter activity. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Recruiting Physicians with Photography
Click to view larger version.
Marketers at Geisinger Health System wanted to create a memorable take-away to give to physician candidates, and they wanted something just a little more engaging than a coffee mug. So the Danville, PA, health system teamed with Wilmington, DE, agency Aloysius Butler & Clark to create a coffee table book filled with photography that highlights the organization's emphasis on first-class medicine and physician work/life balance. [Read More]
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Six Physician Groups Launch Viral Campaign for Universal Coverage: Setting itself apart from the American Medical Association, a coalition of 450,000 doctors in six physician groups is touting its new campaign, "Heal Health Care Now," to strongly back health reform and to urge their patients to do likewise. [Read More]
Audio Feature

It can be difficult—to say the least—to get physicians on board with the patient experience movement. Thomas Wright, president and CEO of Delnor Hospital, who will participate in the patient experience panel at the 2009 HealthLeaders Media Hospital of the Future Now event, talks about some of the tactics his organization uses to help physicians understand and deliver excellent patient experiences. He also discusses the organization's "patient partnership council," which has had a "tremendous impact" on the organization's ability to look at and improve the organization from the patient's point of view. [Listen Now]
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