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Two Rural Hospitals Say Money Doesn't Matter in Pay for Performance Success
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
It isn't every day that rural hospital officials eagerly discuss their abysmal practice scores in crucial care areas like heart failure or hip and knee surgery. But Cleveland Regional Medical Center in Shelby, NC, and United Hospital Center in Clarksburg, WV, now wear their low rankings almost like war medals.[Read More]
August 26, 2009
Editor's Picks

Feds Clarify Hospital Triage Rules in Event of H1N1 Frenzy
In H1N1 patient frenzy, hospitals fear being caught between having a horribly overcrowded emergency room and violating federal laws for not letting patients inside. Now, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued reassuring guidance that they can satisfy the law by providing appropriate medical exams outside the emergency room's doors. [Read More]

Public Plan, Co-ops Remain on Health Reform Plate
Several signs emerged in recent days that the public plan is not dead. Lawmakers vowed to block any bill without those provisions, and some speculate that President Obama will not back down. A bill without bipartisan support may be the fallback strategy. [Read More]

Going Low Tech Might Reduce Costly Hospital Admissions in Chronic Heart Failure
Simplicity: A telephone. A scale. And five short questions. Inova Mount Vernon Hospital in Northern Virginia thinks it can dramatically reduce readmissions of congestive heart failure patients by having them call in every day with their weight and symptoms. When important variations are reported, interventions can be quickly arranged to avoid acute episodic emergencies. [Read More]

Americans Doubt Healthcare Reform Will Improve Quality, Cost
Americans in general don't understand how health reform will benefit them. They don't comprehend how federal oversight can improve quality. And they are in general happy with their health providers, although they believe Americans don't get the best care, according to a Thomson Reuters study based on a telephone survey July 28 to Aug. 9. [Read More]

Leaders Forum

PBMs: An Unexpected Ally in Patient Care
Contributor Brian K. Solow, MD, explains how pharmacy benefit managers can alleviate physicians' administrative burdens and ensure quality care for patients. [Read More]
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