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Many In Rural Communities Aren't Insured and Live Far From Health Providers
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
With all the week's ranting in town halls about what health reform will or won't do for Americans, I kept thinking about what the U.S. Census revealed last week about some parts of rural America. The bureau's simple Excel chart showed for each county across the country just how many people under age 65 have no health insurance. No Medicare, no Medicaid, no Veteran's Administration benefits. And of course no private commercial coverage either. [Read More]
August 12, 2009
Editor's Picks

Joint Commission Tailors Speak Up Campaign to Prevent Pediatric Errors
Do you find that parents seem to be more vocal and questioning of hospital practices? It's not them. It's the Joint Commission. A new commission campaign, "Speak Up," urges parents to ask questions and be more involved in their child's care as a way of reducing harmful medical errors that are estimated to occur in 1 in 15 children treated in healthcare settings. [Read More]

Is There a Healthcare Reform Ad That Will Resonate with the Public?
One entity that is benefiting from all the health reform efforts is the media. The volume of advertising that is attempting to persuade the voice of the people has risen. Only time will tell which messages are most convincing. Which one will be the "Harry and Louise" of 2009? [Read More]

Could A Massachusetts-Style Individual Mandate Work Across the Nation?
A smaller state like Massachusetts, with low rates of uninsured, was an easier place to try this ambitious policy in an effort to get everyone insured. But some wonder whether larger states like Texas and California, where rates of underinsured and uninsured approach 25% and 30%, will be a bureaucratic nightmare to implement universal health coverage rules. Massachusetts has declared a success with its effort, now in its fourth year. [Read More]

More Than 50% of Poor Residents in Some Counties are Uninsured
Roughly one in four children and adults under age 65 in all income brackets had no health insurance of any kind in Texas, New York, Louisiana, and Florida. And roughly one in five had no coverage in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, and Oregon. [Read More]
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PBMs: An Unexpected Ally in Patient Care
Contributor Brian K. Solow, MD, explains how pharmacy benefit managers can alleviate physicians' administrative burdens and ensure quality care for patients. [Read More]
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Los Angeles Times - August 12, 2009
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