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How A CEO Bounced French Hospital Back From Bankruptcy's Brink
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
One should never start a story with a series of numbers. But the amazing turn of 112-bed French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo away from the brink of bankruptcy justifies an exception. [Read More]
August 5, 2009
Editor's Picks

More Than 50% of Poor Residents in Some Counties are Uninsured
Want to know what the uninsured rate is for Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska? How about Daniels County, Montana? The U.S. Census Bureau published this interactive chart showing all 3,120 counties' uninsured rates for people under age 65. Users can also find out how many people in households earning 200% or less of the federal poverty level are uninsured, indicating the sorry state of the nation's safety net. [Read More]

Comparing the Three Main Health Reform Bills
My colleague, John Commins, wrote this masterful synopsis of the current state of suspension in Congressional health reform. Much will change, to be sure, between now and the end of the year, but this gives a good look at where things are right now. [Read More]

Hospitals Develop Strategies That Retain Experienced Nurses
Older and wiser nurses are valued at many hospitals where experiments on avoiding drop out and quit rates have frustrated hospital leaders. One such strategy involves helping older nurses manage heavy lifting with special teams that circulate through the hospital on call. Re-education and training helps as well. [Read More]

HHS Releases $200 Million for Healthcare Training
To shore up America's faltering healthcare workforce, the Obama Administration will release funds to train new doctors, nurses and others in the allied health professions. Maybe this will help meet baby boomer's demand. Scholarships, loan repayment programs, and more money for the National Health Service Corps are all included. [Read More]
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Medicare Advantage Cuts Wrong Prescription for Improving Healthcare Efficiency
In its diagnosis of what ails the U.S. healthcare system, the Obama administration is at great risk of making a costly mistake by proposing cuts in a program that successfully addresses a core problem—the lack of coordinated care, say HealthLeaders Media contributors Robert Margolis, MD, and Craig Frances, MD. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Health lobbyists blitz Congress
Wall Street Journal ? August 5, 2009
Health fund for Massachusetts jobless runs low
Boston Globe ? August 5, 2009
More than half of ER nurses have been assaulted on job
USA Today ? August 5, 2009
Medicare to cap home health payments amid rampant fraud
Miami Herald ? August 5, 2009

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Time For 'Dr. Next'?
  Generation X and its life-balancing, tech-oriented, team-playing doctors is taking over. But what kind of healthcare will they give us? [Read More]
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Prepare for the Cancer Boom
  With cancer diagnoses set to climb dramatically in the coming decades, aligning the right cancer care team and utilizing the appropriate technology become essential for maintaining a patient-centered service line. [Read More]
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