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Louisiana Officials Tell Their Stories to Obama Cabinet
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
When Hurricane Gustav blew through Louisiana last August, Mary Ellen Pratt got to say what several other health facility CEOs in the region couldn't. The new generator serving the new St. James Parish Hospital didn't stop working. Pratt got the rare opportunity to tell that success story and several others this week to five top Obama Administration officials who conducted what many said was the first rural health tour of its kind. [Read More]
July 22, 2009
Editor's Picks

CBO Re-Estimates Health Reform Bill and Finds It Is Budget Neutral
Will health reform cost money, and if so how much? My colleague Janice Simmons explains what's really going on with the on-again, off-again dialogue in Washington between House committees, the Congressional Budget Office's estimates, and the effect on physician fee schedules. [Read More]

Cut Your Hospital's Energy Bills with These Award-Winning Ideas
Recycling some hospital waste can be safe, reports HCPro, Inc. analyst Scott Wallask. Putting green bins in patients' rooms, and using more energy efficient lighting are some ways to save lots of money. Motion detectors help too. [Read More]

Health Reform Bill Features Healthcare-Associated Infections Database
Infection control groups want health reform to include mandatory health facility infections reporting. All hospitals and ambulatory care facilities would have to report. A database would be public to improve transparency and spur more diligence. [Read More]

Emergency Docs Say Sebelius is Wrong About ED
A national physicians' group worries that those crafting health reform might be forgetting the importance of emergency room doctors in the practical process of care. While moving money to woo more medical students to primary care practices is necessary and critical, any administration must realize patients with real life-threatening issues will still come to the emergency room, even if they have their own family doctor. [Read More]
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Advantages of Small Business Contracting
Armed with a little bit of knowledge about some of the "ins and outs" of small business contracting under federal law, a hospital or physician group will be surprised at the number of potential business opportunities that they may actually be able to create for themselves. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

In healthcare fight, defining moment nears for President Obama
New York Times - July 22, 2009
Health industry cash flowed to drafters of reform
Washington Post - July 21, 2009
President Obama ups ante on health overhaul
Wall Street Journal - July 22, 2009
Defying slump, 13 states insure more children
New York Times - July 20, 2009

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  Generation X and its life-balancing, tech-oriented, team-playing doctors is taking over. But what kind of healthcare will they give us? [Read More]
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  With cancer diagnoses set to climb dramatically in the coming decades, aligning the right cancer care team and utilizing the appropriate technology become essential for maintaining a patient-centered service line. [Read More]
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