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Deadliest Finance Issues for 2010
Michelle Ponte, Senior Editor-Finance

Do you know what your property tax bill would be if your tax-exempt status goes away? With RACs very much a reality, do you have a good physician advisor in place to deal with medical necessity cases? Finance and thought leaders at this year's HFMA conference offered solutions to some of the hard hitting issues facing the industry during these challenging times. [Read More]

  June 22, 2009

Editor's Picks
Despite recession, medical costs will grow in 2010
It is doubtful anything meaningful will happen in the next year to mitigate skyrocketing medical costs in the United States, which a new report finds are expected to grow by 9% in 2010. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute authors, reform won't affect costs until at least 2011. In the meantime, surveyed employers say they plan to push more healthcare insurance costs onto workers, which will likely drive up hospitals' bad debt and charity care costs. Employers will also expand disease management and wellness programs, although they don't believe such programs will drive down costs. [Read More]
Senate's healthcare draft calls for most to buy insurance, nixes public option
The public health plan option is a significant dividing force in Washington, with most Democrats pro and Republicans against it. Well, last week the Senate deflated that debate somewhat by drafting reform legislation that largely leaves out a public health plan option and is in favor of individuals buying their own healthcare coverage. The legislation also calls for an expansion of Medicaid and the formation of consumer cooperative plans in place of a public option. It also turns out that some Democrats feel a public plan would be unfair to private insurers. [Read More]
From HFMA: Capital constraints, regulatory challenges common theme at HFMA
How do you squeeze more cash from your revenue cycle? Is consolidation really happening? These were just a few of the big topics conference attendees were debating at this year's HFMA annual conference in Seattle. While finance leaders are worried about reform, regulatory changes, and the credit markets, conference goers seemed positive about digging in and finding new ways to save money and operate as efficiently as possible. For example, Hector Boirie, chief capital management officer for Sisters of Mercy Health System, says the organization owns its GPO, operates its own fleet of trucks that deliver supplies to hospitals, and does bundled buys. [Read More]
California hospital finally funds $42 million expansion
We knew the credit markets were bad, but this bad? According to this article, a Hayward, CA, hospital has just completed the first bond offering of its kind in the state since 2008. With $42 million in funding, St. Rose Hospital will break ground on an expansion project that includes a seismic retrofit. The hospital is taking advantage of a program in which the state will co-sign on the debt in order to improve financing. Also, UnitedHealthcare bought $20 million worth of the hospital's bonds. [Read More]
Editor's Note
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, have a great Fourth of July holiday. HealthLeaders Media Finance will not publish next week, but will return with a new issue July 6.
Finance Forum
Gain Control of Labor Costs While Saving Jobs
With constricted capital, shrinking revenues, and rising expenses, one untapped area of cost savings in healthcare is labor. HealthLeaders Media contributors Jill Schwieters and Dave Harper explain how to implement creative solutions in reducing labor expenses while preserving relationships and the brand. [Read More]
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Finance Headlines
State Hospitals Lay Off MD Staff; Could Private Hospitals Do the Same?
Emily Berry, for HealthLeaders Media - June 19, 2009
Washington County (IN) Memorial Hospital to file Chapter 11, stay open
Louisville Courier-Journal - June 18, 2009
Scrushy found liable in HealthSouth shareholder suit
Wall Street Journal - June 18, 2009
Obama's health plan needs spending controls, CBO says
Washington Post - June 17, 2009
Public Plan Won't Happen in '09, But It's Inevitable
Les Masterson, for HealthLeaders Media - June 17, 2009
AHA: Proposed Hospital Pay Cuts Are Not Justified
Lisa Eramo, for HealthLeaders Media - June 17, 2009
Following the money in the healthcare debate
New York Times - June 15, 2009
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Bundling By Decree
HealthLeaders June 2009 Can an industry addicted to payment for procedure survive episodic care? Geisinger has. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Faster, Safer Joint Replacements
Hospitals are fine-tuning the surgical process from start to finish in order to replace joints faster and safer than ever before. [Read More]
Money Talk

A look at one hospital's struggles to improve

Adventist Health System, Winter Park, FL
Rating: A+
Outlook: Positive
Affected Debt: $333 million
Agency: Standard & Poor's
Remarks: Outlook revised from stable due to a strong operating performance and cash flow, as well as conservative investments.
[Read More]
Audio Feature

How to Find an Extra Million Dollars: Can you pull out an additional million or two from your revenue cycle? After 25 years in the business Karen Bowden, president of consulting for ClaimTrust, knows all the places to look. In this interview she shares some of her revenue cycle tips, such as how to focus on high-value claims. [Listen Now]
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