HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - June 17, 2009 | Advanced Imaging as a Marketing Tool: Do You Really Need All Those Extra Slices?
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Advanced Imaging as a Marketing Tool: Do You Really Need All Those Extra Slices?
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

If there were a 4,264 slice CT, would you buy it? Your answer to that question would likely depend on a number of factors. But there are important questions to ask when you're considering an upgrade—whether or not physicians and patients care that you have the latest and greatest piece of imaging equipment. [Read More]
  June 17, 2009

Editor's Picks
'Storytelling' Enhances Experiences
HCPro editor Sarah Kearns reports that incorporating story-telling techniques when taking a patient's history can both improve quality and help caregivers better understand patients. "In asking the questions, the practitioner starts bringing out the texture of the person's life, and not just the data," says Andre Heuer, a storyteller, psychotherapist, and educator in Minneapolis. "The details begin to fill in, so it becomes a broader picture with movement and what the patient feels about the situation along the way." Anna Tee, patient stories coordinator (how's that for a title?) at the 1,000 Lives Campaign in Wales, an initiative of the United Kingdom's National Health Service, says there has been a shift in belief from "the doctor knows best" to a recognition that the patient's perspective should be considered. This belief has helped develop storytelling as a technique for patient care. So what's the opportunity for marketers here? It's a chance to share your skills at gathering and communicating patient stories with other departments—and to show them yet another way that marketing contributes to the organization. [Read More]
Five tips for executives who tweet
If you've spent any time trolling around the Twitterverse lately you may have noticed a trend—some brands just don't get it. But what are the key attributes to successful corporate tweeting? Bruce Philp, CEO of GWP Brand Engineering, lays out the top five habits of successful executives on Twitter in this article. Philp also includes a screen grab of a leader who exemplifies each concept on his list—so we know that Virgin Atlantic's Richard Branson succeeds at sharing information rather than trying to sell his brand (habit #2), and the Zappos CEO lets his audience know he's a real human being (habit #3) when he tweeted that he dropped his laptop one morning. It's an interesting read whether you're an executive who tweets or if you just need to help your CEO understand—in a very nice way—how he's undermining your attempts to protect your brand image online. [Read More]
Why healthcare marketing matters
We know that healthcare marketing is more than just making pretty ads—but it sure is nice to see an article that correlates healthcare marketing to the improvement of healthcare in the United States. In Nick Iannone's latest column in the Ocala Business Journal, he delves into the relatively short history of healthcare marketing and its effect on public health. "While healthcare advertising may not increase the number of unhealthy people, it does promote competition in the marketplace and therefore better offerings to the public," he writes. "Healthcare providers faced with competition will innovate and frequently employ technological 'leapfrog' tactics." We hereby forgive him for using the terms advertising and marketing interchangeably. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
A Shocking Stroke of Stunts
Eighty plastic mannequins laid in a tangled pile in a San Antonio restaurant one evening in August. The same week, at other locations across the city, seemingly healthy people lost movement on their left side, slurred their speech, and were helped by their companions. At each event, street teams passed out cards that read "Stroke Happens" and detailed the warning signs of stroke. These slightly macabre scenes were part of an avant-garde Baptist Health System marketing campaign. [Read More]
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Fox Chase Cancer Center Case Study: Digital Signage Positively Impacts Care, Vericom.
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Bundling By Decree

Can an industry addicted to payment for procedure survive episodic care? Geisinger has. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Faster, Safer Joint Replacements

Hospitals are fine-tuning the surgical process from start to finish in order to replace joints faster and safer than ever before. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Recruitment Revs as Auto Industry Stalls: The normally bumpy road that is physician recruitment and retention can become pothole-riddled when the local economy turns sour. Now imagine your hospital is about 80 miles from Detroit. As the economy?and the auto industry?struggles, the healthcare environment is rapidly changing for Michigan hospitals, health systems, and physicians. However, Jackson's Allegiance Health has continued to employ successful physician recruitment, relations, and retention tactics even as the numbers of unemployed and, subsequently, the uninsured continue to climb. [Read More]
Audio Features

Marketers understand the basics of HIPAA, but there are other uses of patient information?especially with the explosion of new forms of communication, such as social media?where things get a little "fuzzy and dicey," Kate Borton, a HIPAA consultant and author of the book A Marketer's Guide to HIPAA, says in this audio interview. Sandra Nunn, enterprise, content, and information manager for Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico, also talks about some of the new challenges that healthcare marketers face when it comes to HIPAA compliance. You can hear more from Borton and Nunn in the upcoming HealthLeaders Media Webcast, HIPAA Changes: New Compliance Strategies for New Marketing Models. [Listen Now]
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